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3 good reasons to install a wet room

A practical and stylish addition to any home, the wet room now adorns many homes across the UK and here’s why.

1.      A great space-saving solution

A wet room is an ideal space-saving solution; it removes the obstacles caused by traditional baths and shower cubicles, making it easier to move around the room. This is particularly beneficial for the elderly, people with mobility issues and families. There is no visible shower tray but an integral gentle slope to ensure all the water is channelled toward the drain. There’s no need to worry about getting the floor wet in a wet room. We love the Miravet range for the beautiful choice of colours and the Lundy range for its touch of luxury.


To maximise the spacious feel, choose a tile that is light in colour. A simple white metro tile like the Edge Bianco is a great place to start. Large format wall and floor tiles like the Morbihan will add to the feeling of spaciousness but bear in mind that, if using large format or regular tiles in the shower gulley (the area that drains the water away), they may need to be cut to size, which could ruin the effect somewhat. Mosaic tiles like the Jurassic Blanco Mosaic are ideal for use on the sloping floor of a wet room as all the grouted joints help to create a non-slip surface. For the best of both worlds consider varying your tile sizes throughout the room. You could team large format wall tiles with mosaic floor tiles.

2.      Easy to clean

What’s not to love about a room that’s easy to clean – the nature of the wet room being open plan and waterproof means that there is less in the way of bathroom furniture to clean. One bathroom cleaner will keep the tiles sparkling, and there’s no need for repainting or any other re-decoration.

However, there are many functional things to consider when installing a wet room. The room will need to be completely waterproofed or ‘tanked’. It is a complex process, so you’ll want to consider consulting a professional to do this. The last thing you want is for leaking water to cause damage to your house.

You’ll also need to carefully consider which tiles to choose as some tiles will need regular maintenance and resealing. Also, grout will need some protection to ensure it is kept in tip top condition.

3.      Improves the sale-ability of your home

Because you can fit a wet room into the smallest corner, you can install one without impacting much on the rest of the home. This adds value to your home, making it more practical for you and more attractive to potential purchasers in the future. Choose good quality tiles with a timeless appeal or for something a little different take a look at the Green Marble Square Mosaic.

No longer the domain of expensive boutique hotels, a wet room is now an affordable and realistic option for any home. So, get creative and make your wet room beautiful and your pampering pure pleasure.