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4 ways to make terracotta-style tiles work in your home

Warm and welcoming, what’s not to love about terracotta? Which is the reason why it returns again and again to our kitchens, dining areas and welcoming spaces, and the reason it’s one of the upcoming interior style trends predicted by designers for 2017.

Terracotta has an enduring beauty that reminds us of relaxed Mediterranean holidays, country courtyards and charming, cosy kitchens. The problem with real terracotta is that it’s quiteporous, and so it needs to be regularly sealed, particularly in the bathroom. But with our low maintenance alternatives, you can have the beauty and warmth of terracotta colouring, without the hassle if sealing it.

Terracotta tiles are known for their reddish-brown hues, but in fact there is a myriad of shades from earthy to vibrant and a variety of finishes, from matt to glossy. And terracotta colours never seem to go out of fashion, due mainly to the enduring relaxing vibe they bring. 


In the kitchen

Whether your kitchen is modern, period, rustic or farmhouse, the terracotta-style tile is a wonderful addition. Take a look at our Cuenca Terra for your floor, for instance. It’s a ceramic tile but with its subtle rusty tones, and graduated markings you wouldn’t know it. 

In the bathroom

In the bathroom, the terracotta tilecreates a warm, Moroccan-inspired rustic sanctuary. Luxuriate in the deep red, warmer tones of the Pintura Rosso Ciliegia on your bathroom walls. Made from hardwearing ceramic these tiles take no effort to maintain. Team with a white bathroom suite to really bring out the beautiful colour of these tiles. 

In the hallway

A hallway of terracotta floor tiles to welcome you at the end of the day just screams homeliness and warmth, and our Cuenca Terra works particularly well in this space too. Pair with off-white walls for a rustic look, or a vibrant blue for a quintessentially Mediterranean welcome. 

In the living area

If you want to be bang on trend, then why not consider something radical like a living area of terracotta-style tiles? This may seem a little left field, but with interiors showing a greater inclination towards more rustic and relaxing, then terracotta style such as the Montese Rosso seems like the obvious choice for a living room wall. It would certainly create an exceptional and unique space. This is a satin porcelain tile with style. It is a paler red-brown tile but still just as warming and homely, and stunning on a contemporary wall. Pair with warm woods for best effect.

Whether used in a country or contemporary setting, terracotta tiles are perfect for bringing a cosiness to any interior, giving a grounded, unique appeal and a warm elegance that will never fade.

Why not create something beautiful with terracotta style tiles today.