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Choosing Floor Tiles

5 things to consider when choosing floor tiles

5 things to consider when choosing floor tiles

So you’ve decided to opt for a tiled floor, but there's a lot more to buying floor tiles than you’d imagine. Your challenge now is to select the type, style, finish and colour to suit your décor and requirements, not an easy task. These tips should help.

Consider colour

Have you decided on a colour for your floor tile? You’ll need to consider your room colour scheme to make a choice that works. What colour are the walls? Furniture? Take a look at our colour wheel to make sure your scheme looks harmonious rather than hideous.

Have you also decided which colour grout to choose? There is such a plethora of options when it comes to grout colour. Will you choose one that matches the tiles, or contrasts? Think carefully about this because this can have a big impact on the overall look of your floor.

Patterned or plain?

Do you intend to have plain walls? If so, patterned tiles will go beautifully and can have a real dramatic impact. But consider this, will you love your patterned tiles forever or will you get bored of them? Patterned tiles can be pricey, you’ll want to make the right choice so you’re not replacing them in the near future because the pattern drives you nuts.

Are you considering incorporating a coordinating or contrasting accent border? It is an easy way to add interest and style, and it gives your floor sophistication. If you’re planning on patterned wallpaper then choose your patterned tiles with extra care to avoid a clashing catastrophe, or go for a more neutral style floor tile.


Again, a very important consideration, tile size can affect the overall look of the room, depending on its dimensions. For example, choose large format patterned floor tiles for a small kitchen and the pattern will likely get lost. But large plain tiles for a small kitchen will give the illusion of extra space. For larger kitchen areas, you have more flexibility and can get away with pretty much any size.



One important consideration is the the suitability of your tiles to the area you intend them; if it’s a high traffic area you’ll need something that wears well. Also, will the tile need to be maintained regularly? Some types of natural stone look beautiful, wear well but take a lot of care and maintenance.

One look that is highly fashionable at the moment is the high gloss finish. These look beautiful and chic but if are not be such a great option for a family kitchen if they become slippery when wet.


There is a whole host of ways to lay your tiles to make the most of them. But remember that each style of tile has its own ‘rules’ when it come to layout design. Your choice of tile dictates to a certain degree which layout will you go for, a patterned tile will need a simple side by side layout, for example.

With plainer tiles you may opt for a more interesting design like the Basket weave or Herringbone, in which case you’ll need to choose rectangular or metro shape tiles. Or you may want to stick to a simple horizontal or vertical design. Modular floor tile designs also give you the option of being creative with your design.

There are lots of things to consider when choosing floor tiles so the best approach is to take your time selecting your favourites, and acquire samples to see how they will work in your room, to make a choice you’re delighted with.