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5 Tips to add WOW to your Washroom

A bathroom is the start of your day; it is the end of your day, and some alone time in between. Your bathroom is the difference between a mediocre day or walking around with a spring in your step because you spent the first few minutes awake in a beautiful space that made you glad to be alive. Am I right?

There are several ways of creating the most amazing modern bathroom. Obviously good quality, stylish bathroom wall and floor tiles are essential, where lines are clean, and the décor is unfussy and functional but still beautiful.

elementos bathroom tiles elegant bathroom tiles

  1. Large Format Bathroom Tiles

A wall or indeed a whole bathroom of large format wall tiles makes for huge impact, and if your bathroom is a touch on the small side large format wall and floor tiles give the illusion of a larger space. They are easier to clean too, as there isn't so much grout to scrub.

  1. Floor-to-Ceiling Tile Designs

Floor-to-ceiling tiles bring a cohesive look to the room, the edges are blurred so the height and depth of the room is emphasised. One of my favourite looks is the bathroom completely covered in stone effect tiles. The natural palette of beiges in our Elegant range evokes the appearance of wind-blown sand on a sun-kissed tropical beach.

Our Voramar tile range stands out as one of our most ultra modern floor-to-ceiling styles for its beautiful textured grey, almost-concrete look. Then there is the Venetian range – these beautiful ribbed taupe porcelain tiles bring to mind the sleekness of slim venetian blinds. They bring depth and texture to any bathroom and make you want to reach out and stroke them. They are available as wall and floor tiles and look stunning wherever you put them.

venetian bathroom tiles 

  1. Clean Lines

Clean lines are a must for the modern bathroom. You don’t want your eyes to have to do too much work when standing to admire the beautiful space you’ve created, so place tiles squarely rather than brick style for this minimalist look.

  1. Inject some Colour

For a pop of personality inject some colour into your bathroom. You either want loud, energetic colours like lime or orange that will set you up for the day or dark, moody colours such as navy, dark red or aubergine for that cocoon-like feeling that we yearn for after a hard day’s work. Whichever colour you go for let it bring the white fittings come alive.

Use our tile finder to search through colour selections of your choice, the filter is on the left of the page and usefully narrows your search.

decko bathroom tiles  brick bathroom tiles

  1. Simple Fittings and Accessories

Of course there are other elements that make for a beautiful modern bathroom. A floating sink and wall-mounted taps look stylish and save on space as well. A freestanding bath or a walk-in shower with sleek modern fittings and a frameless shower screen give that feel of decadence usually found in top hotel bathrooms.

Sticking to simple, white fittings and accessories will help to create a calming look because it’s the floor and wall tiles that really sing in the modern bathroom.