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5 Ways to Use White Metro Tiles

The Victorians appreciated the practical beauty of the white metro tile and used them extensively in areas that needed that clinical feel. We only need look at the London underground to see some of their stylish but practical tile styling. Whole kitchens were awash in white metro tiles because they were easy to clean - their practicality and beauty even extended to public lavatories. However, our homes needn’t look like a public loo if we get a little creative.

white metro tiles

Use them with modern décor…
Their uniformity lends itself well to clean lines and a modern minimalist style of décor. The white metro tile is the perfect accompaniment to simply designed fittings and understated accessories. These tiles could cover every wall of a room without looking overbearing, whether it’s in the kitchen or the bathroom, the neat brickwork pattern of the tiles looks clean and uniform, and anything but plain. Michelino works beautifully with a modern décor.

…or a more traditional style
The white metro would also sit beautifully in a more traditional style dwelling. The timeless elegance of a classic style bathroom with a deep roll top bath, period style fittings and classic tongue and groove paneling would welcome the timeless appeal of the classic white metro tile. The Edge tile series is perfect in a more traditional style bathroom.

edge metro tile metro tiles
Above images: Edge Metro tiles and Tinte metro tiles

Team them with wood
Contemporary or classical, the beauty of wood effect tiles will both enhance and will be enhanced by white metro tiles. These two elements – the clean, white ceramic and the warm comforting wood – sit wonderfully together. The Tinte tile range, works wonders with wood.

Team with deep colours
This humble little tile is the perfect antidote to a room which is in danger of looking overwhelmed by colour. White metro tiles are used in the most stylish of homes, paired with walls of deep greys, oranges, aubergines or reds - helping to tone down the colour so that it looks more gorgeous than garish.

Get creative with grout
At home anywhere, the uniformity of the white tile needs little to no embellishment, you need only help to define their shape, and cohesiveness with the rest of the room with the use of a coloured grout, to make a room spectacular.

I ask you - how can something so simple create something so beautiful?

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