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Roll on Spring time!

Spring is on its way, which means we’re thinking about crawling out from under our duvets, multi-layered clothing and full-blast central heating. Spring means new growth, the arrival of sunny days, fresh starts and new beginnings. Thinking about fresh new kitchen floor tiles is a good place to start.

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It’s a time for wiping the slate clean. And so to kick-start your new beginning this spring, think about starting with a fresh new kitchen floor tile.Nothing says ‘fresh and clean’ more than large format floor tiles, particularly throughout the ground floor where it can create a feeling of space and continuity between rooms. Our new Jurassic range is a perfect example of a floor tile that is tactile and elegant, providing a practical and casual base that reflects light throughout.

jurassic floor tile

It’s not called ‘spring clean’ for nothing. This is the time of year that we evict the spiders that have set up home in the corners and get rid of those cavernous cobwebs. It’s a time to clean the windows until they sparkle, letting in as much of that lovely spring light as possible.

We can give our homes a proper spruce by removing any damaged or unwanted furniture, replacing wall tiles and floor tiles with something new, modern and audacious, fixing those things that have been bugging us for a year, and giving the place a fresh coat of paint.

Check out the gorgeous white tiles available at Tileflair.

A palette of white and creams is perfect for springtime, it accentuates any other colour in the room and makes the most of the spring light that comes in through the windows. Pure brilliant white can be a bit cold and makes the light feel a bit harsh, a softer warmer white (I love Dulux ‘Timeless’) loves wood furniture, and accent colours, and doesn’t make woodwork look grubby. But a white scheme has more benefits than simply making a home look fresh and clean, it also helps to blur boundaries so you're not so conscious of walls, making the room feel more spacious and modern.

Get all the work done in springtime, and come summer you can relax in the garden without the nagging tug of jobs to do indoors.

kitchen floor tiles