2.5 Litre White Star Plus Wall Tile Adhesive

£18.72 each
  • Code: WHITESTA


    BAL White Star is non-slip and highly water-resistant and can be used in all types of dry and wet environment in domestic and commercial buildings, including communal showers and commercial kitchens. A single 2.5 litre tub can cover up to 1.6 square metres of dry wall and 1.25 square metres of wet wall.

    • Suitable for dry and wet interior areas for domestic or commercial use. Suitable for communal showers and commercial kitchens.
    • Use for porcelain tiles up to 150 x 150mm
    • Use for ceramic, mosaics, natural stone
    • Coverage: Approximately 1.25-1.6m2
    • Highly flexible
    • Highly water-resistant
    • Excellent non-slip
    • High bond strength
    • Grout after 24 hours
    • Enhanced white colour

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