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No More Ply SBR Primer

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£9.72 each
  • Code: 3019

    NoMorePly Primer is a Premium latex based waterproof primer.

    It is used to seal the surface of NoMorePly boards to improve the bonding strength of the tile adhesive. It helps to reflect heat which enhances the insulation value of NoMorePly to make it better for use with underfloor heating. It provides a waterproof coating to make it ideal for use in wetrooms and bathrooms.

    It can also be used as an adhesive additive for extra flexibility or as a general usage construction primer.

    This primer enhances the physical performance of mortars including adhesion, durability, flexibility, waterproofing and workability. Adding NoMorePly Primer helps permit feather edging of repair mortars, and prepares backgrounds and substrates for wall or floor tiling. NoMorePly Primer is also useful as a primer before tile fixing, providing extra protection for peace of mind.

    *Please note: the 6mm NoMorePly boards come to PrePrimed. This additional feature of the NoMorePly boards provides a dust-free, water-resistant, and clear surface on which to tile. The boards are only primed on the printed side so the boards should always be installed so the primed side is being tiled. If the boards have been installed for more than 1 week before tiling starts and the board has become dusty and scratched, we would suggest applying one coat of SBR Primer, mixed 3:1 with water (3 parts SBR, 1 part water).

    For more info, read our NoMorePly DIY Installation blog

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