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Add sparkle to your morning

Adding some bling to your bathroom doesn’t mean that you wish to join the ranks of the footballer’s wives. You can do it with style, by simply working tones of bronze, copper and gold-flecked wall tiles into your décor to uplift an earthy or plain white palette.

Of course, you can go glamorous and downright decadent if that’s your thing (we wont judge) but if glitz doesn’t do it for you then be subtle – treat your wall tiles as jewels in an urban setting and add other more industrial metals to bring a coherent but not too ostentatious feel.

Our Monza Mosaic is a beautiful wall tile which appeals to the most diverse of taste. Comprising of glass, metal and stone tiles, these treasures will bring a little playfulness and a subtle industrial feel. They’ll add an unexpected touch of luxury and bring your bathroom to life.


Images above: Monza Mosaic and Form Metal Glass mosaics

A wall of textured metallic tiles will instantly elevate your bathroom to celebrity status. For an all-over covering of sparkle in the bathroom you can do no better than the Form Metal Glass mosaics in the shower area. These impressive tiles will give the room a glow and a glimmer that will make your mornings a real pleasure.

You can make your bathroom really shine with a bit of added pizzazz. Love grey but worry it might look a bit sombre and moody? – give it some sparkle with silver wall tiles that Wow. Or, bored of the starkness of white, give it some warmth with gold or bronze. Diamond Bronze Multi Mosaic tiles, a glossy geometric feast for the eyes, contain diamond and bronze-coloured glass tiles that cannot fail to impress in any bathroom. Team with pale neutrals and dark wood. For those who don’t want to risk overdoing it on the sparkle, our Jewel Gold/Bronze Mosaics are predominantly white tiles with touch of gold and bronze bling.


Images above: Diamond Bronze Multi Mosaic tiles and Jewel Gold/Bronze Mosaics

As a finishing touch add huge mirrors to bounce the sparkle around the room, lie back in a warm bath, and enjoy.  

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