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Benefits of a wetroom

wetrooms split tiles

A wetroom is simply an open-plan bathroom, where there are no compartments that can restrict movement and take up valuable space, such as a shower cubicle. The floor of the wetroom is fully waterproofed, so there is no need to worry about shower curtains and the like getting in the way, although a tasteful glass partition may be an option to avoid water spray on your fresh dry towels (or toilet roll).

Because they are open plan, wetrooms are also very practical for people with mobility issues or children, or if you have a very small space. They can be installed in awkward places too – a little-used cupboard, under the stairs, or in the utility room, so you can make good use of every inch of your home.

wetroom tiles lombard 

Because wetrooms are uncluttered, there are fewer areas for dirt and grime to collect, which means that they can be easier to clean too. Especially if you’re using wall-hung sanitary ware, which not only eliminates awkward, hard-to-clean areas but creates a sleek, uncluttered look that enhances the feeling of space

For best results, a wetroom is almost completely tiled, which means you get to choose a stunning tile from our range of ceramic beauties (many other materials may need to be resealed every few months to keep it waterproofed). We have a vast selection of beautiful bathroom tiles that are screaming out for a place in your wetroom.

wetroom tiles quartz

When it comes to the tiling, ceramic tiles are the best for wet rooms due to their non-porous nature. But, if you like the look of natural stone you could always go for a stone-effect look such as the Lombard which is available with Décor tiles for added style, or the Quantz floor and wall tile, a tile that gives a breezy, natural look and accentuates the feeling of space. Or you could go for a contemporary look, in which case, go for something like the Elementos, a soft grey tile that is sure to create a stunning wetroom.

With all the benefits that come with installing a wetroom, I would say that the most enticing is the creative freedom to design a wetroom of your dreams and stylish addition to your home. With the use of good quality, unobtrusive sanitary ware, and some beautiful tiles you can create something really beautiful.

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