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Best Laid Patio Floor Tiles

A patio of floor tiles has the potential to turn your garden into an outdoor oasis that will extend your living space seamlessly, and entice you outside whatever the weather. Giving you year-round enjoyment of your garden.

patio floor tiles
Did you know that all glazed porcelain tiles could be laid outside? Glazed porcelain does not absorb water so will not freeze and crack in the winter, so you can rest assured your porcelain tiles will stand the test of even the harshest of British winters, which means you can make your outside as fabulous as your inside. And we have some stunning floor tiles to really jazz up a tired looking patio area and turn it into a thing of beauty.

eternal patio floor tiles pation floor tiles

Glazed porcelain floor tiles suitable for your patio

Unlike natural stone and timber, porcelain tiles are non porous, there are no little holes for dirt and grime to accumulate and attack the surface and so are stain-proof and therefore require very little ongoing maintenance. They are also tremendously hard and resistant to scratching. Once they’ve been laid they’re as hardy as materials come.

eternal patio floor tiles eternal patio floor tiles

There is an impressive range of porcelain floor tiles on the market that suit this purpose but none can beat our Eternal range, which offers a stunning array of colours and sizes to suite any style you are looking to achieve. The Eternal range comes in Almond, Beige, Black and Grey and each looks fabulous with an abundance of potted or border plants and patio furniture.

Our Loire range is just as lovely and comes in lighter beige Ecru. These modular floor tiles will achieve a look that is unique to your patio, guaranteed to impress the neighbours, should they happen to peek over the garden fence!

loire patio floor tiles

Traditional Patio by Alexandria Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers Notting Hill Gardens | Design Build Construction

Of course, as with laying any floor tiles, when laying a patio there are certain things to consider. The positioning and layout of the tiles are crucial in how the overall patio looks.

Consider, for instance, how you might use and enjoy this space. How many people should it accommodate? As an entertaining space the patio needs to be large enough to fit garden furniture and other accessories comfortably.

patio floor tiles patio floor tiles

There is tons of advice available on laying patio tiles but laying them professionally will ensure a patio that provides a solid and level surface for garden furniture and potted plants. As with any project, preparation and good materials make for a successful job.

However you design the patio space, by using porcelain floor tiles you can be sure of creating an inspired patio area that complements your living space.

Traditional Patio by London Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers Kate Eyre Garden Design