NoMorePly DIY

Here’s some of the most popular questions relating to installing NoMorePly tile backing board systems:

NoMorePly DIY

Do you need to use a tile backing board system?

Tiles are heavy and need to be fixed correctly to ensure safe installation and to ensure you can enjoy them for many years to come, avoiding movement and cracks.

Can you tile onto 6mm Plywood?

In accordance with British Standards, the short answer is no. Many tilers over years have used plywood as a substrate on which to tile. However, over recent years the quality of plywood has decreased, and the weight of tiles and tile adhesive has increased meaning that British Standards state that a minimum of 15-18mm plywood should be used, on top of any existing floorboards or chipboard before tiling. The quicker, cheaper, and easier way is to use the 6mm PrePrimed NoMorePly. This will provide a 6mm build height and has been tested to provide the same strength as a 15-18mm plywood. NoMorePly will remove the bounce in the floor, eliminating the risk of cracked tiles and grout joints.

Can 6mm NoMorePly be used to overboard a stud partition wall?

Yes, 6mm NoMorePly can be used on a stud partition wall if you ensure that it is adequately supported. There must be support on all four sides of each board, and support in the middle of each board. Often this means that you will need to add a few extra noggins to your existing stud partition. Once the partition has been adapted to suit the dimensions of the 6mm boards (1200mmx600mm) you can proceed following the same instructions as for the 12mm boards. The 6mm boards will hold the same weight of tiles as the 12mm boards but they have a lower ‘screw spoil strength’ so for example you would need to provide a ‘pattress’ behind the 6mm boards when fixing a towel rail to the wall.

What side of NoMorePly do you tile?

Please lay the board writing side up. You will see the text on the middle of the board, please have this facing up when you lay the board. If you are, however laying your board onto a concrete floor, please ensure then writing is face down and you will need to prime the opposite side.

Can 6mm NoMorePly be installed straight to joists?

No, 6mm NoMorePly boards are not structural and cannot be installed straight to joists. They need to be installed on top of an existing floor to strengthen the floor, rather than replacing the floorboards. The STS TG4 18 or 22mm fibre cement board can be installed straight to joists and has been developed as a direct replacement for floorboards. Please contact our Helpdesk for more information on this product.

Do I need to use MegaStrength adhesive on the NoMorePly boards?

Yes. All the main NoMorePly installation methods involve the use of MegaStrength adhesive, and it is a crucial part of the installation system that should not be omitted. We offer a lifetime guarantee based upon the results of the extensive testing performed on these products.

What is NoMorePly made of?

NoMorePly is a fibre cement board and is made from organic fibre, sand, cement, and water. The exact mix of these ingredients is crucial to ensure a firm, strong, water-resistant board is produced that is suitable to withstand heavy tiles and moisture. NoMorePly contains NO harmful fibres but we would always recommend using a dust mask when cutting.

How Do You Cut 12mm NoMorePly?

12mm NoMorePly or No Ply as it's sometimes referred to is easily cut using the NoMorePly scoring tool or a small grinder with a suitable cutting blade, such as a PCD or tungsten carbide blade. Information on the scoring tool can be seen on:

Nmp Primer 3019 Web
Nmp Screws

Does NoMorePly need priming?

The 6mm NoMorePly boards come to PrePrimed. This additional feature of the NoMorePly boards provides a dust-free, water-resistant, and clear surface on which to tile. The boards are only primed on the printed side so the boards should always be installed so the primed side is being tiled. If the boards have been installed for more than 1 week before tiling starts and the board has become dusty and scratched, we would suggest applying one coat of SBR Primer, mixed 3:1 with water (3 parts SBR, 1 part water).

Is NoMorePly fireproof?

Yes, the boards are non-combustible fibre cement.

Here’s some handy YouTube guides for using NoMorePly on difference substrates:

How to use NoMorePly on a stud wall:

How to use NoMorePly onto a solid wall:

How to use NoMorePly on a timber floor:

How to use NoMorePly on a solid floor:

All essential items for NoMorePly DIY is available at Tileflair, as well as help and advice to assist you throughout your tile project.

Contact the Tileflair Helpdesk.

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