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Bohemian Spirit

Bring bohemian spirit into your home

Eclectic Bedroom by Yorkshire And The Humber Home Stagers H is for Home

A home with a plethora of rich bold colours, eclectic furniture and lots of lively pattern tells of a free spirited owner who is not afraid to style her home exactly how she wishes. But bringing a bohemian feel to a home still requires that we abide by certain ‘rules’. A bold coloured or patterned feature, for example, such as a floor tile with a geometric or ethnic style pattern is a perfect staple element.

A blank canvas of crisp white walls will allow the personality of the different colours to shine through but it is the vibrancy of the floor tiles or a tiled feature wall that is the main focus and this should be followed with lots of strong colour – azure blues, grass greens, vibrant oranges, as well as clashing designs and patterns which bring interest and vibrancy. In a scheme that encompasses a playful mix of pattern and oriental style bold prints, nothing matches but each element comes together to form a perfectly balanced whole.

artisan  quilt

Artisan and Quilt Tile Ranges shown above

Bohemian is one style that welcomes the randomness of patchwork design, which is why our Artisan Tile Collection and Quilt Patchwork range works so well in this type of scheme. Our Valentino range of wall tile is also perfect. And consider the Dwell range, especially White Inset 6. Otherwise a natural coloured stone floor tile works well if complemented with a colourful patterned rug.

In this style of home you’re not likely to find a single item of furniture from a local high street chain. The owners of this home would have collected unusual pieces like tea chests, small intricate tables, metallic bowls, lamps and lanterns from their travels, resulting in an assortment of textures, warming woods and colourful fabrics.

Valentino Tile Range shown above right

Each room has the opportunity to offer something new and dynamic. The contrasting colours and textures bring different moods and atmosphere but you still want a feel of flow from one room to another and floor tiles can do that. You are trying to create a look that is fresh but intimate, daring but comfortable, charming but practical, and above all low maintenance and very much allows the personality and flair for creativity of the homeowners to shine through.