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Breathe new life into your period home

Breathe new life into your period home by restoring some of the features that encapsulate its heritage and pay respect to its legacy. Wall and floor tiles in heritage styles and colours can give your home the vibrancy it needs.

Metro tiles

The all-over metro tile look is enduringly popular for a good reason – because it looks beautiful and is in keeping with the period aesthetic. Adorning many Victorian and Edwardian (and modern) houses all over the country, these lovely tiles add to the traditional feel that is so loved and coveted.

For a clean and crisp metro tile try our Edge range. These tiles in white work beautifully in a kitchen of soft green shades. They are also available in a variety of heritage colours such as sage green, and ice blue that look stunning covering the walls of a bathroom or as a backsplash in a period home. Perhaps combine our Edge tiles with a wood-effect floor, such as our Vancouver Country Dark, which is in keeping with the period home ambience but is practical and hardwearing.

For a more rustic look then our Brick range of tiles are the perfect choice to boost the period flavour. The vintage nature of these lovely tiles look handmade and add to the traditional look. Add them to a room with pretty painted cabinetry and plenty of wood furniture. 

Patterned floor

The Victorians laid gorgeous geometric and patterned tiles in their porches and hallways for a good reason. Not only do these tiles lend grandeur to your entranceway but they also add life to your living area and appeal to the decorative nature of a period property. Tiles such as our White Dwell Inset add instant period appeal. Combine these with period colours such as soft greens, deep blues and moody pinks for a look that is rich and comforting. Our fabulous special order Art and Pattern ranges have a huge selection of patterned tiles to enhance any home. The Liberty Taupe (above left) and City Colours (above right) are a perfect example of how these lovely tiles can turn a floor into a fantastic feature. Contact us for more information on these special ranges.

Period colour

There’s nothing more luxurious than blue tiles covering the walls of the bathroom so take a look at the pretty calming colour of our Tinte Ash Blue Gloss. It will not fail to impress. These gorgeous tiles have an uneven finish which lends a slightly rustic feel to your kitchen or bathroom, and their glossiness bounces the light around. You might go the whole hog and add a period-style, roll-top bath, or you might choose to hint at the heritage of your home by adding just a few features such as Victorian-style taps.

A property with existing beautiful period features, which make these homes so coveted, should be given the opportunity to shine. Elaborate cornicing, grand windows and fireplace panelling, sash windows and the even proportions of a period home are given life when we add wall and floor tiles that celebrate its heritage. 

Why not create something beautiful and breathe life into your period home today?