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Bring in the Beach with Blue

This is the time of year when the sun begins to warm us with its rays and many of us find ourselves drawn to the cool calmness of the ocean.

But what if we could bring the ocean into our homes any time of the year? Coastal hues remind us of peaceful holidays, relaxed balmy evenings, and bring cheer and relaxation into the home. It needn’t be overly nautical – just enough to bring in the uplifting blue shades of the sea and sky, coupled with a crisp white that is reminiscent of the quaint little houses, often seen in the Mediterranean, keeps a look light and fresh and gently blurs the boundaries between inside and outside.

There’s so much we have for you to choose from but for the bathroom consider our Maldivas Blue Glass Mosaic. These polished glass mosaics bring a cacophony of coastal colours into the bathroom with aqua tones, flecks of deep sea blue and an iridescent pearl effect, bringing to mind the rippling effect of shallow pools and all their treasures. We also have the ultimate in reflecting coastal cheer - our Antique Pearl Aqua Mosaic is a stunning blue glass wall tile that brings a whole new meaning to ‘wet room’.

For the kitchen consider our Pintura Blu Smeraldo – a glossy ceramic wall tile that will bring a wealth of coastal character to your kitchen. The more environmentally discerning among us might consider the Cosmic Lucca White/Turquoise Mosaic tiles. Made from 98% recycled glass, these tiles bring the joyful and various colour tones of the sea into the home in a subtle way.

The soothing sounds of the ocean and the sun-filled sky have the power to lift our spirits and soothe our souls, so why not mimic these natural elements in your home with our lovely tiles from the blue palette. Just adding blue tiles to our decor is enough to hint at the wonders of the coast but for full-on maritime chic, complement with basketry and nautical accessories such as decorative shells, pebbles and rope.