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Bring nature inside

Colour in our homes brings cheer and affects our mood in many ways. And the brighter colours of nature, more than most others, can be uplifting. Wall tiles and floor tiles in natural tones of greens and browns can bring a small taste of the natural world indoors at any time of the year.

A wall of green tiles in the kitchen cannot fail to give an energising lift. This hit of colour is the perfect backdrop to a fresh white kitchen or a natural wood one, resulting in an invigorating space.

Green enhances any room by giving it a fresh organic style. And with a palette of subtle natural hues such as whites, beiges, browns, oranges or yellows to compliment the green you will create a calming kitchen that encapsulates nature and as such, calms the spirit.

If you’re feeling bold then opt for daring shades such as our Decko Mambo Geo Scored in green. This energetic tile cannot fail to uplift you as effectively as a cup of coffee in the morning. A minimalist white or neutral kitchen will be brought to life with green wall tiles, creating a fresh uplifting look.  And softer hues such as our Edge Salvia or Brick Olive provide a calming restful backdrop to your kitchen. Both the bold Decko and the muted Edge look stunning in the bathroom too, especially when teamed with dark woods, creating a natural, calming but mood-enhancing haven. Our French Parquetwood effect floor tiles will help to create a stunning dark wood effect that will compliment green tiles perfectly.  

Browns in the kitchen and bathroom have a grounding effect on the room, enabling the rest of the room to be as vibrant and chirpy as the homeowner desires. Shades of brown ensure that gaudiness isn’t an issue and at Tileflair we have hundreds of shades of this lovely natural colour to choose from, in both floor and wall tiles, in whatever format you want.

In a hectic world, it makes sense to bring the hues of nature into your home.                                               

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