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Change of Season, Change of Decor

Pixtury "Avenue in Autumn" Photo Print, Canvas, 40x60 cm

As autumn arrives and transforms once-green leaves to gold, which float gently to the ground and carpet the ground, we start to think of the darker, cooler days to come. We can embrace these seasonal changes in our homes too.

Autumn is the perfect time to introduce natural textures into your home. The beauty of natural or natural-effect materials such as oak flooring or wood effect flooring do wonders in refreshing your interior for the new season to come. Our French Parquet Brown tile is a classic for achieving the autumn look and bringing life and vigour indoors. The Woodland Dark floor tile does exactly what the name suggests – creates the look of a wonderful woodland, complete with the worn charm of real wood, perfect for reflecting the beauty of autumn, and with minimal maintenance too.

wood effect tiles

Just because the bright summer flowers are all but gone and the leaves are turning brown, it doesn’t mean that you cannot bring the beauty of the floral motif into your home to keep summer with you all year round. With patterned tiles, you can combine the beauty of nature with the practicality of ceramic.

"Autumn is Coming" Acrylic Painting, 115x80 cm
Consider the Bordeaux range for example. A collection of stunning patterned tiles, many of which have floral motifs and hints of autumn colour. Consider the Archachon, with its subtle red and green colouring, or the Morlaix with its geometric petal motif and its green and brown colouring, which hints at a carpet of fallen autumn leaves.

patterned tiles patterned tiles

The colours of autumn have a glorious, rich intensity with a full spectrum of colours from the red colour wheel. So, make your colour scheme pop with vibrant reds, oranges, golds and browns on your walls – tiles such as the Brick Red, which is the deep red colour of Virginia Creeper in the autumn.

If you’re looking for autumn colours for your bathroom then the Foil Sunbeam mosaic is a must. The effervescence of these tiles adds instant autumn charm. Don’t forget to use these vibrant colours in your furnishings and accessories, to add depth and autumnal cheer to your living space.

 foil sunbeam brick red

To truly bring the autumn outside into your home why not try creating an autumnal display with sculptural branches and twigs, and displays of pine cones that have dropped from the trees. Make the most of the crisp, sunny autumnal days by opening your windows and doors to pull in the daylight and breathe in that lovely fresh autumn air.

"Colours of Autumn" Photo Print, Aluminium, 40x30 cm