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Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Tiles



New tiles can breathe fresh life into your bathroom, the most private and personal room in the house. You can choose a traditional or contemporary feel to the room, as well as which colours would appeal most to complete the look you are after. It is possible to break up the room by adding a modern border or feature wall. A current trend is to have a vertical strip of colour or to include a mosaic zone, which will also show off your creative side.

You can find inspiration for tiling your bathroom in our tile gallery, in magazines or online by looking at the setting pictures, reputable tile shops would have also invested in beautiful tile displays. When you start looking for inspiration for bathroom tiles you will probably start noticing tiles in your friends’ home and even the bathroom tiles in restaurants etc! Seeing tiles in their setting brings them to life and shows you what your bathroom could look like.

Get sample tiles before buying, to make sure you are happy with your choice - different lighting and surroundings may alter the overall look of your tiles. Most tile suppliers will provide a tile sample for you. Also remember that if tiled professionally, the tiles should last for many years to come – make sure you choose something that you can live with day-in day-out!

Price comparisons: Once you have decided on the colour and finish of your tiles, or even the exact tile, shop around for the best deal. You generally get what you pay for and it will be worth investing in quality tiles for durability. Compare the square metre price (prices per tile vary due to size differences making it difficult to compare). Try to compare the square metre price after any reductions as well, even though a tile has 40% off it may work out more expensive than a tile that has not been reduced.

What style tile is best for you? There are endless options for choosing which tiles look best in your bathroom. To help you to decide, here are a few styles and examples to get you thinking…Metro Tiles can be used in the bathroom as well as he kitchen.

Textured white tiles with a modern border. Classic white tiles are available with a variety of sizes and finishes. The Crusader range at Tileflair has a textured rippling effect, plus combined with the matching black border an element of individuality is added to the design. Crusader range tiles come in a variety of colours and are 400 x 200 mm in size. The Capua tile series is pictured above and has has hundreds of tiny squares in each tile to create an impressive overall effect.

Natural Stone look– the Quantocks range available at Tileflair Ltd uses the latest ink jet technology, which reduces replication of the same print making these ceramic tiles very realistic. The Royale series (as pictured) is majestic and lives up to its name! These 450 x 225 mm sized ceramic tiles are a great choice if you are hoping to add a touch of class to your bathroom. Ceramic and porcelain tiles can look very realistic to travertine, marble and slate, they will be more durable than actual natural stone and you also do not have to seal or maintain ceramic or porcelain tiles once fixed to the will.