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Choosing wall and floor tiles for open plan showers

Throughout the years we have seen different style bathrooms come in and out of our homes; from the humble bathtub and shower to the luxury Jacuzzi. Of late, the idea of making the bath a feature, especially big Victorian style baths has been increasingly popular, but some bathrooms are simply not big enough for these heavy set baths. Consequently some homeowners have opted to take their bath or enclosed shower area out of the room completely, favouring the simplistic sleek style of an open showers which also comes with the added convenience of easier maintenance.

Open plan showers are part of a great current trend that is both practical and beautiful. The more favourable style is a wet room with a set area to shower, sometimes these spaces are completely open. Alternatively, some open showers have a tiled half wall or glass screen that protects other surfaces from spray whilst still looking stylish and providing the illusion of a larger open space. These open design bathrooms expose a new world of possibilities, especially for smaller and awkward sized spaces where you can be really creative when choosing wall and floor tiles.

When installing an open plan shower, there is less to think about for sanitary ware which means you may be inclined to think a bit more about the design and materials you are going to use. The tiles that you use can add an expensive and luxurious feel to bathroom. The choice of tile is crucial and as there are so many available designs, colours, textures and shapes to help you create something beautiful in your home you will be spoilt for choice. If you are creating a feature shower area you may want to create a ‘zone’ for your shower to go. Bathroom wall and floor tiles are especially good at zoning rooms and mosaic tiles generally fit in with most tile design patterns making them particularly good at creating a feature shower area.

As we have outlined above, an open bathroom can really open up smaller spaces and it is fairly simple to create a luxurious shower in smaller bathrooms. When tiling these smaller spaces it is common to use wall and floor tiles in matching and coordinating colours to allow the design to flow throughout. When thinking about tiling the floor mosaic tiles are particularly good on wet room floors as they have better anti-slip properties than larger format tiles. You can also use wall tiles on the ceiling for continuous design that will give your bathroom a spa-like feel.

It is important to note that there is one disadvantage that puts people off of installing an open plan shower (especially in the UK) and that is that open bathrooms can get chilly- especially in those winter months. If this is the case for you try underfloor heating which can work wonders in bathrooms and add an extra little luxury. Please contact us for more information about under floor heating and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you have. A further disadvantage to open bathrooms is that some people value privacy and feel too exposed in an open shower area. If this is the case a good compromise is a glass screen which looks clean, sleek and still gives you all the benefits of an open plan shower without feeling so exposed.

So you’re all sold to create an open plan shower and now there’s just the dilemma of which wall and floor tiles to use. Well, from our extensive range of ties we have picked some of the best ranges that offer great design options when tiling an entire bathroom:


Atacama is a beautiful large format tile that exudes elegance. Great for large bathrooms, this is the ultimate luxury tile that suits most colour schemes too!

Blown Bathroom Tiles

Blown range offers neutral bathroom wall and floor tiles, perfect for contemporary bathrooms. Try adding the border tiles to ‘zone’ the space and create your open plan shower area.

Clasico Bathroom Tiles

Clasico. The beautiful neutral tile range gives the impression of natural stone but is easier to maintain. The various design options would also help add definition and character to your open plan bathroom design.

We hope this has helped inspire you, if you are still looking for some bathroom tile ideas take a look around our tile gallery for inspiration. And finally remember that with high quality tiles and the right help you really can create something beautiful.