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Colour of the month – orange

colour of the month - orange

Autumn is officially here. The nights are drawing in and vibrant leaves are falling from the trees in great swathes. Why not follow suit and brighten up your kitchen with wall tiles of vibrant shades of orange, and compliment those Halloween pumpkins.

Dress up a kitchen accent wall or backsplash with a burst of orange to bring sunshine into your home all through the year. Or go full-on orange with a vibrant floor tile. You can make a statement and breathe life into a stark white kitchen with eye popping tangerine orange wall tiles, or add a sophisticated touch to a grey décor with a warm rust orange wall tile. A muted orange wall tile can also add vibrancy to a traditional scheme, especially where browns and woods are used.

Orange tiles such as our Milano orange metro tiles look hot and incredibly chic. These vibrant burnt orange tiles shock the senses and brighten a neutral space. For a more textured tile then you might like the Embossed Décor version. Compliment both with splashes of hot orange elsewhere in the room, for coherence. A set of orange cast iron cookware springs to mind as the perfect complimenting accessory.

If you want a wall tile that is a bit subtler than hot orange then our Foil Sunbeam Mosaic brings all the colours of autumn in a sophisticated glass tile. These intense little tiles that shimmer gently with the natural shades of autumn, and go particularly well with brown and wood cabinetry.

Orange is unexpected. It draws the eye and grabs attention, and brings a fiery personality to a room. But you don’t need to be brave to use orange. It is a colour that mimics nature, as we can see just by looking at the falling leaves, therefore it holds its own. It is a colour you can trust to give your home some zest. Whichever way you choose to use it, this bold cheerful colour cannot fail to brighten your mood, and your home. Whether it's bold or muted, a hint or a full-kitchen, orange will definitely energize.