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Red Tiles

Is your décor lacking passion? Do you need to inject some spice into your living space? Then why not consider some raunchy red tiles? Red can bring a sense of excitement into your life. It is the colour of daring and all it takes is one or two areas of bold colour, like a wall of scarlet wall tiles and your days of mono-colour and neutrals are over.

Add a sense of drama and indulgence into your life. Forget 50 shades of grey; think a thousand shades of raunchy red. But it’s not just for Valentines Day, red in your décor can create intimacy at any time of the year and in any scheme; and in particular adds personality to a natural or neutral scheme. Our Decko Mauve Scored wall tiles, for instance give a contemporary feel to any room.

Red can come in various tones and moods; bright reds for a crisp look, paired with white, and beige. Or dark, moody blood reds for a warm and relaxed bohemian feel, and if paired with rich creams can make for a luxurious look. Scarlet walls with dark wood bring flair and elegance to a room. Add some sparkle with a chandelier for a truly opulent feel.

Our Marylebone Rosso tiles are a deep warm red which look equally divine as a splashback or as a whole-wall feature. Add colourful and co-ordinating accessories, in crimson floral accents or geometric patterns in upholstery for a modern and relaxed feel.

We’re not all brave enough to flood our homes with such vivid tones so try experimenting in smaller rooms first. Imagine a small washroom decked out in fiery red. What would the neighbours say when they pop round for a cuppa? You could be a bit subtler but hint at your fiery inner recesses with a few shades of red in the kitchen. For example, our Crusader in Red Morse Listel, complimented with co-ordinating red accessories, works well. Or go against the grain and use red in places you wouldn’t expect to see it; the inside of cupboards for example, some table and chair legs. Red accents can bring a room to life.

However you use the colour red, use it with passion.