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Using Green Tiles

Using Green Tiles To Set The Mood

We all want our homes to reflect our personality and what better way than to use colour to maximum effect. When choosing floor tiles, kitchen tiles or bathroom tiles green can make a stylish statement. Green is nature’s very own palette, it can be refreshing and reviving, or it can be soothing and rejuvenating, allowing us to bring nature in all its glory into our home. We can create impact and drama with apple or lime shades, or we can use calming mint for a relaxing and restful atmosphere and a muted olive or sage for a soft sophisticated effect. Many options exist with green wall tiles.

Like a favourite piece of jewellery kitchen tiles can bring the whole look of the room together. In a simple neutral palette, a dramatic explosion of green wall tiles can enhance kitchen units and draw focus toward a favoured item like a range cooker.

Using Green Tiles

Create a fresh look in your kitchen by using bold green wall tiles against cool neutrals like crisp white. Our Decko series of wall tiles offer a Lime Green option that is fun, vibrant and will brighten up any bathroom or kitchen. Use utensils or equipment to pick up the colour of the tiles or use a contrasting accent colour. For a more sophisticated look, team olive green tiles with dark wood kitchen units. Take a look at Olive Brick and Edge Salvia (Sage Green) to achieve this look.

Using Green Tiles

Neutral floor tiles work wonderfully with green walls of any shade, and will make the feel airy and light. Alternatively, beautiful green floor tiles with neutral walls can create a real statement underfoot, such as the Foreste Verde floor tile.

Top Interior Design Tip

Small spaces love bright colours but use crisp shades of bathroom tile that reflect the light. To create a harmonious colour scheme in the bathroom, combine green wall tiles with colours adjacent to it on the colour wheel, for example apple green with bottle green, turquoise or blue accessories. For a warmer feel try teaming green tiles with harmonising red or orange but stick to a maximum of three colours if you want to avoid overdoing it. Alternatively, use toned-down shades of the same colour for a more serene look.

Finally, finish your room with flowers or a plant to give a natural freshness to the whole look.