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Colourful Bathroom Tiles

When it comes to the design of your bathroom there are some important decisions to make. Just because we don’t spend as much time in the bathroom as we might do in the living room or kitchen, it doesn’t mean your bathroom should be denied love and attention. Coloured bathroom wall tiles could be the answer to giving it the much-needed love it deserves.

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Your bathroom works hard in keeping the household clean. It needs to be reliable, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Given the proper attention it can also become a sanctuary in which to grab a moment from the hustle and bustle of busy family life. Injecting some colour into the room with some boldly coloured wall tiles can really jazz it up and give you years of pleasure with minimal effort.

How to choose colour

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Most of us are going to opt for the white bathroom suite, due to the sense of cleanliness it offers, but that’s where the similarity to all other bathrooms stop. Beyond this, the world and the colour wheel are your oyster. You can go sumptuous and serene with beiges, creams and greys - neutral colours that are easy on the senses, or you can go full colour force with combinations that will stand out more vibrantly against the white of the suite, and will give your bathroom a wholly unique look. Just one wall of bold coloured wall tiles is enough to have impact. I’m thinking, for example, of our Decko Mora in Mauve, a truly vivacious colour which would go beautifully with some grey, blue or even green accessories to give the bathroom personality while the white suite retains that subtle-ness and avoids overkill with colour.

                        decko colourful bathroom tiles          decko colourful bathroom tiles          decko colourful bathroom tiles          decko white bathroom tiles

Our Marylebone in Rosso (a beautiful deep red) is stunning and would look fabulous with black or grey to compliment it. Our Pastels range in Rose would go beautifully with grey or blue for an ultra-unique look. There really is no going wrong with colour to bring your bathroom up to date as long as the colours are complimentary.

Colour in the bathroom does not have to be over the top, it can still be charismatic without being too dramatic. Choose colours wisely, trying out individual colours against others on the colour chart and you can design a bathroom that looks every bit the modern vibrant space it deserves to be.

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