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Colourful Kitchen Tiles

picasso red kitchen tile

Kitchens are at the hearty of every home, so it is important to create the atmosphere you want. Some people choose to have a lot of colour on the kitchen walls, others would opt for neutral colours. The style and size of the kitchen tile you choose will also influence the feel of the room. You can have a lot of fun with kitchen wall tiles and getting the décor and accessories in the kitchen just right. It’s a very important room!

Using a bold and colourful kitchen tile is a popular choice – stimulating bold reds look great with walnut cupboard doors or even white gloss covered cupboards. Moving away from the safer neutral tones towards a more confident and fun colour that matches your personality can add life and zest to the heart of your home. Remember that bold colour doesn’t need to cover the entire room though – you can add subtle hints on the tiles in a splashback to match other surfaces in the kitchen.

This brief guide will help steer you in the right direction for choosing the right colour kitchen tile.... It's a big decision!

Decko Blue Kitchen Tiles

BLUE KITCHEN TILES - fresh, airy and cool, associated with summer skies and happiness. There are many shades of blue ranging from bright and energetic to paler shades with tranquil and calming qualities.

BLACK KITCHEN TILES – black kitchen tiles are a popular choice for the floor to hep hide any unwanted spillages or, dare I say, dirt! If using black kitchen wall tiles, modern styles spring to mind. Black glossy metro tiles look great when used with a contrasting grout colour to highlight the brick-bond pattern.

RED KITCHEN TILES - can be exciting, dangerous, passionate, associated with love, adventure and heat. Too hot some for people, stimulating for others!

edge sage green kitchen tiles

GREEN KITCHEN TILES- depending on the shade, bright greens are invigorating and associated with freshness and new life, whilst paler greens can be relaxing and peaceful. Green dominates the natural world and breathes new life into your room with an uplifting sensation. Sage is a particular shade of green that is ‘very in’ right now.

BROWN KITCHEN TILES- a very grounded and stable colour associated with security, dependability and feelings of trust. Comfortable and cosy browns help relax the body but too much brown can be drab and depressing! Be sure to strike a good balance with other complimentary colours such as blue, gold or orange. Remember that many mosaics will add creativity and colour to your walls.

PURPLE KITCHEN TILES- depending on the tone, purple can be moody and gothic or the lighter shades closer to lilac can be feminine and sophisticated. Purple evokes creativity, magic and wealth.

Tileflair have a large range of neutral and colourful kitchen tiles that suit all needs and contain the above colours as well as coordinating colours. Use our knowledge and experience to help you make the ideal tile choice for your home. Just get in contact and ask today!

TIP – Use the tile selector on to easily search for tiles by colour. Plus there are more wonderful ways of using colour, including the theory of the colour wheel available in the advice section.