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Considerations for flooring in your home

Flooring is crucial in any internal scheme and its visual appeal sets the tone of the room. Get the flooring wrong and whatever else you do will be futile as the whole scheme will feel disjointed. There is such a vast choice of floor coverings on the market in a plethora of colours, patterns, sizes and textures, that making the choice can be somewhat overwhelming.

 Above Image: Sainte Maxime Floor Tile.

 It is foolish to think that all you need to do is choose a style and you’re away. Before you choose any flooring for your home there are going to be some practical considerations. Flooring has to work harder than any other component in the room so it pays to get it right first time. Firstly, think about how you use the room - do you have young children or pets in the family to consider? Is food, liquid or other substances likely to be spilt on the floor? You don’t want carpet in the bathroom for example, or in the dining room. What do you want to feel underfoot? Would you also want underfloor heating fitted?

Above Image: French Parquet Floor Tile.

No matter what product you are fitting it is important that whatever is underneath is sound. The quality of the product or the fitting is irrelevant if the subfloor is unstable and unlevelled, particularly if you are considering tile. A good fitter will need to determine the state of the subfloor before attempting to fit any product and may need to install a plywood base.

There are some products that are not suitable for use with underfloor heating. However, underfloor heating can be used beneath almost any type of stone or ceramic tile.

Some types of flooring need little attention once laid to keep them looking fabulous. Porcelain and ceramic floor tiles need only a regular clean. These tiles are ideal for high traffic areas and are inherently strong so will last for years and are great alternatives to natural stone. Some of our porcelain and ceramic floor tiles look so much like natural stone that it is difficult to tell the difference. They are also more practical than natural stone which will need to be regularly sealed to prevent permanent staining.

There are many things to consider when choosing your flooring so do your homework to ensure your beautiful new interior scheme is enhanced by your choice of flooring.

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