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Creating a wonderful wetroom

A wetroom is a smart choice for creating an effortlessly sleek, uncluttered look in your bathroom, that enhances the feeling of space and eliminates awkward, hard-to-clean areas.

A wetroom is the perfect solution for contemporary interiors but works just as well in a classic home. But the drawback with a wetroom is that a little more skill is needed in the design and installation, than a standard bathroom. You need to get the essentials right to make sure your wetroom will work properly.

Few of us have the skill to install a wetroom so unless you have the necessary expertise and are confident of your DIY skills, then constructing, tanking and finishing a wetroom is a job best left to the professionals. Our expert tiling staff can offer you all the help you need in sourcing the expertise and the products needed for a successful wetroom. Call into your local Tileflair store or contact the helpdesk.

Of course, once the functional elements of your new wetroom are installed you need to think carefully about the tiles you choose. There are practicalities to consider when choosing your wet room tiles. For instance, you must be sure they won’t become slippery when wet, which is why mosaic tiles are perfect for the job. The beauty of the ranges we’re about to show you is that they all come with a mosaic tile suitable for the sloping floor of the wetroom. So you can mix and match within the same range for a fully cohesive look.

split wetroom

A porcelain tile that is sure to give your wetroom some panache, the Split is available in black, white and grey and comes as a plain, décor and mosaic tile, which means that this range is perfect for all the surfaces in your wetroom. The plain tile in this range gives a fresh, clean appearance but with subtle glints of natural colour, whereas the Split Face décor tiles bring texture and a contemporary feel through the linear pattern of the tile - giving a modern vibe to your wetroom.

Lombard wetroom

This is another tile collection with personality. These modern tiles, available in moon, grey and caramel, and in either a plain and textured finish, have the matt texture of concrete that absorbs the light and offers a very calming feel to your wetroom. The décor tiles come with a gently undulating surface that makes a larger room feel that much more intimate.

Lombard wetroom

West End

Available in white, beige, grey and black the West End tiles will create a wetroom to be proud of. The grey tiles have subtle tones of grey and pink ingrained in them and very delicate natural looking veins. The beige too has a variation of colour to make the beige come alive and bring added interest to your bathroom or wetroom. The black in this range is actually a moody dark grey but with rust-coloured veins running through it, to imitate natural slate – making it perfect for a contemporary room with a difference.

Quartz wetroom

The Quartz is another matt porcelain tile that has a variety of other colours within it to give it a varied and interesting appearance. Available in white, beige, and grey these tiles have a texture that is smooth, with a brushed effect. The beige, in particular, takes on the distinct look of expensive marble and creates a wetroom that is chic and serene.

Real Customer Wetrooms from Inspired Bathrooms, Bristol

wetroom wetroom

wetrooms wetrooms

Have these tiles inspired you to have a wetroom installed? Simply give us a call or pop into your closest branch of Tileflair to find out how you can turn your boring bathroom into a wonderful wetroom!