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Do something a little different with metro tiles

After more than a decade we’re still in love with metro tiles, and the choice on offer has increased considerably. If you love the pared-back look of metro tiles but want to do something a little different, then we have some alternative options. Take a look and see how these simple little rectangles can have a BIG impact in your home.

Just add shimmer

For an easy-going feel to your bathroom or kitchen, add some shimmering tiles that add a soft but stylish feel to your bathroom or kitchen. The Brick Blue tiles, and our range of Shimmer tiles, which are available in very delicate shades of blue, green, grey, cream and white will do just that. They have a glazed, uneven surface that looks hand-made and which gently reflects the light to give a soft, shimmery look, offering your bathroom a perfectly tranquil feel.

Try an alternative layout

Tiles don’t have to be laid in the standard brick formation. In fact, they look so much more interesting if you lay them in one of a multitude of other designs. Position them in a chevron pattern to give them a modern edge that is also visually rich but not enough to overwhelm the space. They can be stacked or rotated so that they lay vertically for a really interesting take on the classic formation. Whichever way you lay them, they will still retain their understated but stylish appearance.

Choose a rich colour

Metro tiles don’t have to be white or cream or another such subtle colour. You can go for rich and bold colours like the Bevelled Brick Red or the Milano Orange - all of which certainly make a statement. Or go for something a little different like the Brick Cacoa and paint the walls white to make the delicious chocolate brown really stand out.


Make your grout shout!

Although Metro tiles are everywhere these days, due to their popularity and charm, it doesn’t mean you can’t give them that bespoke feel with some contrasting grout. When the grout colour diverges strongly with the tile itself, the individual tiles stand out so much more. Customising them like this is an easy way to give plain white tiles a dash of colour and interest, which can be changed on a whim, without the commitment of coloured tiles.


Choose multiple colours

If you’re looking for a truly customised look, without the accompanying price tag, then be a bit creative by choosing two different colours of the same tiles and alternating them. For a colour bonanza choose two from the many different shades of our Brick range, or if you’re feeling really creative, then choose three or four and place them randomly in the space. Then pick out one of the tile colours and work your accessories around it

They’re timeless and versatile - metro tiles are a perfect choice for any style bathroom and kitchen. They soften a contemporary look, which can sometimes look a little harsh, or they add an interesting feature to a traditional bathroom. Metro calms down a busy bathroom that is rich in architectural or design features and pair beautifully with a patterned floor as they help to avoid the busy look. So, it’s no surprise that the metro tile is still one of the nation’s favourite style of floor tile, and it’s likely to be for a long while to come yet.

Still not got with the metro vibe in your home? Give us a call today to find out how together we can create something beautiful.