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Embrace Embossed Tiles

Bored of plain tiles? Are you looking for something more decorative, a bit more interesting, a way to add impact and depth to a tiled wall? Perhaps you want the luminosity of a white tiled wall but with an added dimension? Then why not consider an embossed wall tile? They are available in a plethora of textures and colours to suit.

michelino embossed tiles

Above pictures: Michelino tile range and Via Oberdan tile range

Do you remember past trends (I’m talking back in the 80s here) when wall tile fashion dictated brown flowered wall tiles randomly mixed in with the plain beige wall tiles? Well this technique has had a bit of a revival because with embossed tiles it’s all about mixing and matching to create your own unique design, with not a brown flower in sight.

The reflective surface of most wall tiles means that light is reflected around the room, but an embossed design introduces a decorative element to an otherwise plain surface. Our Tinte range, for instance, is an elegant design that looks stunning in the bathroom, particularly with dark woods and tasteful accessories.

tinte matt embossed tiles milano embosswed tiles

For a coloured textured tile consider our Milano range, a vibrant mix of metro tiles that add instant contemporary impact to your kitchen décor. Use these tiles for a feature wall in the kitchen and tie in with the colour of your cabinets for a cohesive look.

Using embossed tiles is a great way of personalizing your tiled wall; they can help to create your own work of art when you mix them with plain tiles. Our Via Oberdan range comes as a random mix of plain and embossed so is very subtle. The embossed tiles add richness and texture to the wall. They stand out to create interest and invite you to run your fingers over them. For a truly unique look consider our Michelino range of metro tiles, which come in multiple design options for you to truly personalise your space.

Many people overlook the appeal of an embossed tile but modern styles can add heaps of aesthetic charm, bringing the wall to life and adding that all-important character.