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Embrace your dark side

We love black floors. They look so sophisticated, but there is the danger that black can look overwhelming in the home if it is not used sympathetically. So we’d like to suggest a few ways to use black floor tiles, such as our beautiful Club Black semi-polished floor tiles, to create a room that is characterful and dramatic.

Black can be used to create a strong impression in a room that is bright and airy. Choosing a scheme that is predominantly white and teaming it with our Club Black floor tiles gives a sense of drama and sophistication while retaining the illumination from the walls. Add black furniture, picture frames and accessories for cohesion.

Create loads of atmosphere by teaming these black tiles with jewel-like coloured furniture. The dark space of the floor with strong shades of colours such as orange, turquoise or mustard yellow in furniture and accessories will create a restful but dramatic and quirky ambience, with colour popping out of the dark background.

Black floors and dark-painted walls may sound a little gloomy but when used in a room with abundant natural light the look is sophisticated rather than sombre. Use warmer colours such as wood tones or shades of red elsewhere in the room, to help soften the look.

Or you could team these black floor tiles with greys walls and add some pops of bright yellows and oranges for a fun and inviting space.

If you’re not sure about going all-out black throughout then why not start with a smaller room such as the bathroom, cloakroom, or hallway? Create a glamorous and luxurious spot in these atmosphere-starved rooms by adding dark and glossy accentuating accessories with plenty of mirrored surfaces to bounce the light around and avoid the space being too gloomy, and making a room feel bigger and brighter.

There’s no need to be scared of using black on the floor. It is a good way to add some drama to a room. And, as long as it has been well considered, a black floor will create a modern but cosy and cocooning space.

Take a look at our black floor tiles today!