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Expressing yourself with tiles in a 'grown up' way

Remember when you were a child there was nothing better than painting the walls full of handprints, big smiley faces, trees and all of the things that made you happy (although sometimes it came with a big telling off). So now you’re an adult why should being surrounded by the things that make you happy have to stop? Well it doesn’t. Not many people realise you really can paint pictures with wall tiles and floor tiles in so many ways- creating colours, pictures, textures and shape to really express yourself and express your personality through home décor.

Sometimes we find ourselves facing the hues of beige, eggshell and magnolia because that’s what ‘grown up’ houses are meant to look like. Don’t get me wrong, we love neutral colour schemes and think that they work well but beige paint in every room-really?  You may be older but now they are YOUR walls and this time you get the added bonus that you won’t get the telling off after. So wondering how you can express yourself with wall tiles and floor tiles in a ‘grown up’ way? Check out our inspiration section for ideas and here’s a non-extensive list of the different types of design options available with tiles:


mosaic tiles

• Use mosaic tiles to create textures, add colours and zone rooms.

• Show your true colours with a brightly coloured tile- the Picasso wall tile works particularly well in modern kitchens.

Metro tiles are a bold statement tile- you can mix it up even more by using a dark grout with lighter metro tiles to really make them stand out and give them an urban feel.

capua textured white tiles

• Use bumpy tiles to create interest in neutral colour schemes. Our textured white tiles are a brilliant example of the different effects available in neutral tones.

• Different design options break up rooms- choose a brick bonded or a modular floor tile pattern.

decko kitchen tiles

• Splashbacks are extremely popular in kitchens and bathrooms and work well to protect heavy duty areas such as behind the cooker. The Tileflair Decko range is a very popular wall tile for adding bright colours to bathrooms.

Mosaic tiles also work particularly well as splashbacks in kitchens due to their hardwearing properties.

decko tiles in a kitchen

• Finally- don’t be afraid to break the rules. Stacey used the blue Decko wall tile in her kitchen (pictured) and the effect was outstanding. Primarily a bathroom tile, it brings a sense of fun and uniqueness to Stacey’s kitchen- exactly the look she was trying to achieve.

Hopefully this has given you a few ideas of how to have fun with wall and floor tiles and we hope you are ready to embark on your next tiling project. However, if you are not entirely sure what to do pop into one of our stores and speak with our highly trained staff who are great at suggesting ideas. You can also pick up the phone and call 0117 9598888 and speak to one of our head office sales team who will help you create something beautiful in your home. Good luck and remember to have fun!