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Fall in Love with your Home again

Do you want to reignite that spark you first felt for your home?

It’s easy to take your home for granted when you’ve lived with it for several years. The romance of those early years; treating it to a sparkly new kitchen, decadent flooring and the perfect sofa, may have faded from your memory. But there are some easy solutions to falling in love with your home all over again and reinvigorating that first flush of love.

patterned tiles 

Add some style

Show a little TLC with some simple and inexpensive changes. They can make all the difference to how a home looks and feels. Try adding some fresh, glossy fun to your kitchen backsplash with Milano Red tiles and the accompanying range of embossed Décor tiles. Add some beautiful patterned floor tiles in our Bordeaux range, such as the Archachon and the Lille – tiles that will certainly inject a little life and spark.

milano tiles brick effect tiles

Why not have a few romantic nights in and admire a stylish new feature wall in the living room. Tiles such as the Montese Rosso and the Mont Blanc Multi are perfect tiles to spend a little quality time with.

Try something new to spice up your home life with some bright new floor tiles in the bathroom. The Bordeaux Chartres is the perfect bathroom tile, goes beautifully with the white of the sanitary ware and will make you fall in love all over again.

Even the boot room will appreciate your efforts if you install sleek and stylish tiles such as the Puglia Black. Your home will show its appreciation by looking and feeling warm and inviting as well as super-stylish and will take those muddy Wellington boots in its stride.

black tiles 

Show some love

Has your home accumulated a lot of clutter over the years? Have a good clear out and remove all the extra baggage it no longer needs. By shedding all the excess stuff, you will give it a new lease of life and make it feel much lighter as a result. Give it a deep clean and create a sparkling, fresh, sweet-smelling home that will charm you all over again.

It’s nearly spring so rekindle your passion for your pad by giving it a spring clean – open up the doors and windows and freshen the air. Move some furniture around to make your home come alive again. It will show its appreciation by looking and feeling fresh and renewed.

Other changes such as painting furniture can have a dramatic effect. Perhaps you have a dark cupboard that looks a little dreary. There are thousands of paint colours to treat it to, and you can match it to your lovely new wall or floor tiles. It will certainly return the love by bringing a fresh new look to your home.

patterned tiles

Staying in doesn’t have to be about staring at the TV. So, spice up your home/love life by turning the TV off and orienting sofas to a more sociable position. Make your home feel special by creating a date night atmosphere. Dress up the table with your best china, light candles, and play some music – make your home feel as though you want to spend some quality time in its embrace.

Your home was beautiful once and can be again if you give it a little TLC. Shake things up with some exciting new floor and wall tiles and re-ignite your relationship by giving it a good spring clean and a spruce up.

Let your home feel appreciated again by Creating Something Beautiful.