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Feeling the chill? Pair beautiful floor tiles with underfloor heating

We understand your dilemma. You want the beauty of stone, porcelain or ceramic tile in your home but worry that your toes will be chilled to the bone.

You needn’t worry, there is a solution –  Underfloor heating.

Did you know that, as well as beautiful wall and floor tiles, we sell underfloor heating too? The wondrous technology of underfloor heating will be sure to keep Jack Frost from chomping on your toes in the morning, but the best thing about it is that the most suitable flooring to use with underfloor heating is tile and stone. 


Which tiles for warm toes?

Porcelain, ceramic and stone floor tiles have high thermal conductivity, which means that the heat from an underfloor heating pipe or wire transfers to the floor surface quickly and efficiently, so that you get warm in minutes. The thickness of the tile and stone does impact slightly on the speed of the heating process. Porcelain tiles tend to be much thinner than stone tiles, at somewhere between 8mm and 12mm thick, depending on the product, so will heat up more quickly. But, if you lay tiles that have a maximum thickness of 20mm you should be warmed up in the time it takes to boil the kettle for a mug of hot chocolate. 

And because tile and stone have excellent thermal properties they also retain the heat well too. Which makes them super-efficient at keeping your indoors as warm as toast. 

Open plan living?

A large open plan living area can feel quite cold and uninviting, but install underfloor heating and add some lovely floor tiles and you have a warm and cosy, but spacious, place to hang out. Our Slate Multicolour tiles are a darker shade of tile, so will instantly make a large area feel warmer even before you’ve turned the underfloor heating on, as darker tiles absorb more light than paler tiles and therefore make the space feel more intimate. The same can be said of our French Parquet wood effect tile with it’s lovely warming wood tones. 

Chilly conservatory or orangerie?

If you have a conservatory or orangerie in your home, but are afraid to use it in the winter, in case you freeze half to death, then you might want to think about laying underfloor heating in there. Coupled with beautiful floor tiles such as our Loire Ecru Rustic floor tiles, whose beige colouring adds to the warmth, or our San Gimignano Tortora stone effect large format floor tile, you can create a truly stunning space to sit and relax all year round.

So you don’t have the worry about leaving the warmth behind in your cosy bed – no chilly tiled floor to deal with first thing in the morning – because with underfloor heating and beautiful floor tiles, you can have the best of both worlds.

Take a look at our fabulous range of tiles for a suitable partner for your underfloor heating.