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Find your Tile Style

Making a choice about which tile style of wall tile to have in your kitchen or bathroom does not come easy, what with the hundreds of styles, thousands, even millions of tiles available, it can seem, after a while that we’re swimming in a quagmire of ceramic! Well I’m going to make it easy for you, I’ve taken what I believe to be the best styles and have given you a breakdown of our favourites.

tile styles

First up we have the contemporary look – cold to some but I consider contemporary style to be the ultimate in luxury, giving a feeling of spaciousness to a room. This style offers a solid blank canvas to any room. Consider for example, our Redcliffe Muretto Décor for an impressive contemporary look.

Metro tiles come in a plethora of different types, and it’s strange how the shape of a wall tile can make such a big difference to the feel of the room. Metro tiles encompass the industrial vibe and is evocative of the stark beauty of Victorian metropolitan subways. This is an enduring shape that will be in style for many years to come and the Edge wall tile range is my absolute favourite.

Next up, patchwork and patterned – if you’re the creative type then you’ll probably go for patterned because they can be artfully arranged to make a statement, giving a wall immediate impact and interest. Patchwork gives a quirky eclectic look, but if you want a bit of glamour too then take a look at our Valentino wall tile series to be suitably impressed!

tile styles

Choose stone effect tiles for that natural background, upon which you can make your mark with colour and texture to bring out the best of a room. Our Quantocks range is simple and beautiful.

Textured tiles add personality to an otherwise neutral room. Make a statement with a bold sculptured feature wall, or let it sit comfortably in the background. Our Linear range is a popular choice with its interesting and attention-seeking texture.

Urban chic brings together many elements of the industrial vibe, so you’ll want earthy and edgy style wall tiles such as our Dwell range. Our Metropolis range too, with its slightly textured finish, which when paired with metro tiles create the perfect urban backdrop.

Bold colour reflects a bold personality, so be creative and make the most of your space with a wall of bright green or daring red wall tiles. Our Picasso range brings vibrancy and energy to the room.

Mosaic tiles, where the light dances on the small reflective surface of the tile, such as with our Antique Pearl Mosaics, are a beautiful addition to any kitchen wall.

tile style