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Get Creative with Concrete and Stone Effect Tiles

san gimignano floor and wall tiles

Do you love the concrete look, but fear the chill of this cold hard material on your feet in the mornings? Then you might want to consider our San Gimignano stone effect floor and wall tiles for your new décor. These premium Italian large format floor tile come in a variety of grey shades, with semi-polished and matt finish, and are wonderfully tactile taking stone effect tiles to the next level.

san gimignano stone effect

The San Gimignano floor tiles and wall tiles create a fabulous contemporary feel and if used to maximum effect on the whole room, create a wonderful cozy cocoon effect. They can also be used to effectively link different zones in a large space such as the whole ground floor of your property. Use them throughout your living space to make one area flow effortlessly into another, creating a really open and spacious feel.

san gimignano floor and wall tiles 

The concrete appearance of these wall and floor tiles doesn’t necessarily have to look industrial. The San Gimignano in paler grey works beautifully with white so you could add a single wall of San Gimignano wall tiles to a white glossy kitchen for a fresh, clean, modern look. The concrete look of the tiles transforms a simple gloss scheme beautifully. Finish off with plenty of greenery. An abundance of houseplants, especially large ornamental specimens take the industrial edge off this style.

san gimignano stone effect tiles san gimignano stone effect tiles

These tiles also come in a darker more dramatic shade. The San Gimignano in Charcoal looks moody and inviting and its effect is maximized by the use of plenty of good lighting to emphasize its various tiling shades and tones. The stone effect tiling adds more texture to the surfaces in the room, adding more depth to the interior design.

san gimignano stone effect san gimignano stone effect tiles

If you’re a bit nervous about using grey, then keep the use of these tiles to one area, wall or floor, and warm it up by introducing plenty of warm natural wood, such as oak in your flooring, furniture and accessories. The contrast of man-made and natural materials can look stunning. The clean, modern walls and floor created by the San Gimignano can really showcase a favourite piece of furniture, such as a time-worn kitchen table, for a beautiful effect.

san gimignano stone effect tiles 

san gimignano stone effect floor tiles san gimignano stone effect tiles

San Gimignano Stone Effect Floor and Wall Tiles