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Grout Guide

This guide has been created to act as a quick reference guide and to explain the basics in plain, down-to-earth, non-geeky language!

Grout is an important aspect of your tile design. It frames each tile and is therefore a very visible part of the design and overall effect of the tiles. Grout colour can contrast with the tile colour to highlight the tile design on the wall or floor. Or the grout colour can match the tile colour and blend in with the design. It all depends on which style you prefer.

The grout colour you choose may also be dependent on where you are tiling, such as high traffic floors (kitchens or hallways) that may show spillages and dirt. Here is it a good idea to opt for a darker grout colour.

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1. What is Grout?

Grout is the cement based material that fills the spaces between the gaps between tiles on the wall and on the floor. Grout is important because it can hinder the beauty of the tiles if not used correctly or looked after properly.

2. What tools do I need to grout?

Presuming your tiles are fixed to the wall, you will need:

Small trowel, grout float, sponge, mixing bucket, gloves and a mixing paddle would be useful. You basically mix the grout in a bucket, use the trowel and grout float to apply grout between the tiles and then sponge off at the end.

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3. Grout Colour Selector

The grout colour is a visible part of the tile design, so should really match your tiles. Also think long term – darker grout colours will help hide staining (from water or spillages etc) whether for the wall or floor. Of course light grouts may look better on your tile design, but may need more work to maintain the look.

 grout colours

4. Use a grout protector.

This invisible spray is easy to use and is essential to help keep your grout and tiles looking lovely. Highly recommended, as well as cleaning products that do not break down the grout protector.

  grout protector

More tips on how to clean grout on our Grubby Grout OUT! blog.

CONTACT US via the Tileflair Helpdesk and staff in store will also happily recommend the exact product you need for tiling DIY, as well as answer any questions you have 0117 959 8888 or,

Full reference guide from our trusted Grout supplier, BAL