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Restore your beautiful bathroom

marylebone edge grout

It’s a job you’ve been putting off forever but your grubby grout can no longer be ignored. It’s a blight on your beautiful bathroom wall tiles which are looking a bit lacklustre and you’re sure there’s something deadly growing underneath. It must be dealt with pronto.

Contrary to popular belief most grout is not actually waterproof but merely water resistant, which means that it can absorb moisture. If this moisture contains dirt particles then the build up will result is grubby looking grout.

grout before and after

So how do you deal with stained grout? Well you can either prevent the build up in the first place by using a grout and tile protector, or you can deal with it afterwards by using a grout stain remover. You can also maintain the grout and keep your wall tiles looking fabulous with a mild detergent such as wax wash, a specially formulated product to help reduce the build up of dirt.

So all you need do is put some music on, roll on the rubber gloves and get scrubbing. Actually, once you start its really quite satisfying. Not convinced? Well at the very least you’ll restore your bathroom to its former level of sparkle.

Before you start, make sure your cleaning product it is actually suitable for use on your wall tiles. Some stain removal products are unsuitable for marble, travertine or limestone.

Then, simply dilute as necessary, and wipe on. For more stubborn stains you might need to give it a bit of elbow grease. But there’s nothing like a bit of scrubbing to get the blood pumping. Rinse off with copious amounts of clean water, stand back and admire your beautiful sparkling wall tiles. Job done! Now, admit it, that wasn’t too bad, was it?