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How to make a small room feel bigger with wall and floor tiles

It may be true that the best things come in small packages, but unfortunately it’s not that cut and dry when it comes to finding the best size of floor and wall tiles for a small bathroom.

Large tiles do make a room feel more spacious but only in a good-sized room. In a small bathroom they don’t work quite so well and will tend to swamp the room if they’re too large. Also, if there are lots of cuts involved, then this can just look messy.  However, if there are fewer cuts and the grout colour matches the tile colour then the end result can be quite impressive.

On the other hand, small tiles such as mosaics, and their many grout lines, can make the overall effect look a little busy in a small room. However, this is not the case with our Hexagon Onice Mosaic. These delightful little hexagonal tiles would look just stunning adorning the walls of a small bathroom.


Medium sized tiles certainly need not be boring. Consider for instance our Hall range, with its stunning linear surface detail. This tile can be given more personality by combining it with its turquoise sibling, the Hall Turquoise Listel in areas around the bath or shower.

White is always a winner in a small space, especially in a bathroom so we would suggest white metro tiles. Our Brick Blanco metro tiles are crisp and classic with a slightly uneven texture for an effect that bounces light around the bathroom and creates a bright and airy haven. You can add a coloured grout for interest, or you can keep the grout white too, but avoid a clinical look by adding colour elsewhere in the room. Alternatively, if you’re not a fan of white then consider our Mendip Beige Scored Stone Effect Wall Tile, a beautiful creamy beige colour wall tile, which adds a space-enhancing but calming effect to any bathroom.

Additional tricks for a small bathroom is to create the illusion of space by using mirrors and good lighting, particularly a mix of ceiling and wall lights to bounce light into all those corners and create a light and spacious bathing sanctuary.