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How to remove staining from your patio floor tiles

Thanks to LTP for the following tips and advice about this this common problem of removing staining from your patio floor tiles. Help is at hand - you will be able to restore your patio to former glory in time to enjoy your garden this summer.

The staining is more than likely to be mineral stains on black limestone floor tile paving, as black paving stones highlight the issue. It is however common on all limestone patios and occurs due to nature herself (usually rain) and therefore difficult to avoid! The problem can be prevented in the first place and therefore effectively managed. It leaves mineral salt deposits and marks are left as a result of the rainwater not being able to escape from the stone.

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You will need a breathable sealer, suitable for outdoors to reduce the impacts caused by the rain such as LTP Mattstone, LTP Stone Oil and LTP Colour Intensifier. These products will help limit the staining on your patio floor tiles and cleverly allow moisture to escape and not leave those ugly markings!

Contact the Helpdesk for personal advice. The full range of LTP products are available, let us recommend specific products to you.


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So if you need to remove staining, firstly wash the surface with a mild solution of acid to loosen the mineral salt deposits, be sure not to use too much acid though as it may change the colour of the floor tiles - you just want to use limited amounts to stay in control. Then get to work with the mighty LTP Grout Stain remover. Read the instructions on the bottle, it is recommended to dilute the solution. Then rinse away with plenty of water after scrubbing with a cleaning pad or brush. The staining on your paving stones should now be disappearing before your very eyes. Repeat this process until you are happy with the look of the floor tiles.

Ok, don't invite the neighbours round for a BBQ just yet... If you seal your stones now you can prevent the staining from happening in the first place and avoid spending time scrubbing your floor tiles again. Once the surface is dry, apply the right limestone sealer for your stones (ask the Tileflair Helpdesk for friendly advice - we love making tiles look nice). Products include LTP Mattstone (most popular option) or LTP Stone Oil. You will need a paint brush to add the sealer - aim to completely saturate the area you are sealing. Once added allow to dry (45 mins or so) - read the bottle for full instructions, it gives you tips such as not applying in direct sunlight. LTP know their stuff!

Please note that this information is offered as general guidance only and without guarantee. Your specific circumstances may need an alternative approach. Tips taken from LTP.

Remember to contact the Tileflair Helpdesk for friendly advice.


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