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How to use Green in your decor

Green has been predicted by interior designers to be the colour of 2017, which is perfect for invigorating your mood and home after the dreary dark winter months. So, how will you incorporate this hot trending colour into your décor this year? 

Why green?

Green is the colour of nature – of trees and plants and grass, and as such it effortlessly brings the calm and serene feel of nature into your home. And the beauty of nature’s palette is that, whichever tone or shade you love, from cool, refreshing pale mint green to the smart and sophisticated grey-greens like sage and olive, it goes with pretty much everything you care to throw at it.

Use it on the walls

Green in the bathroom is stunning – it creates a fresh, clean-looking room that is neither clinical or cold. And we have some beautiful tiles that will make your bathroom sing. Take, for example, the Tinte Mist Green Gloss wall tile, a glossy sage-green-grey tile with a delicately uneven surface that gives a handmade feel to the tiles, and a distinctive look to the bathroom. This tile also looks beautiful in a kitchen - its muted colour works best paired with off-white walls or kitchen cabinetry. Brick in Olive is a beautiful colour in the kitchen too, especially when used as the backdrop for a simple oak kitchen.


For something a little more ‘Zing’ then consider the Decko Mambo in Lime, a bold and vibrant tile which will have no trouble waking you up in the morning. These wall tiles would also suit the backsplash of a modern and bright kitchen.

If you like a little shimmer with your shower, then take a look at the Shimmer Green wall tile. A subtle pale green, which looks sophisticated when set against the crisp white of bathroom fittings.

Use it in your furnishings

The classic heritage shade of moss green – a deep, rich tone, is the perfect look for a country kitchen. Accompany with dark grey floor tiles for a sophisticated, more dramatic look (and to hide the dirt) like our Eternal, or with a pale shade of neutral like our Cathedral Cinza, a stunning matt porcelain tile with subtle flecks of marbling for a brighter, calmer style, but with a sophisticated edge. A paler tone of green-grey is a popular colour in painted furnishings at the moment. Pair them with pale tones of floor tile that have a slightly rustic edge, such as our Loire range.

If you want to be inspired by nature this year, then get some gorgeous green into your home. Take a look at our full range and create something beautiful.