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How to Use Metro Tiles

Metro wall tiles command attention and are ideal for a modern and contemporary setting. These versatile little oblong wall tiles bring sophistication to the home creating an inviting space of any bathroom or kitchen.

Mantra metro tiles
Metro tiles get their name from the ceramic tiles used on the walls of the London and New York City subway stations of the early twentieth century, and despite their historic origins Metro tiles give a modern look to a room due to their neatness and uniformity. The subtle shape of these tiles means that you can never overdo it; you can use them on the whole bathroom without them looking too overbearing, creating a minimalist look reminiscent of their late Victorian usage. Equally they are just as stylish as a simple backsplash in the kitchen.

metro tiles metro tiles

Fresh white metro tiles look fabulous with vibrant shades of wall coverings. These neutral tiles make painted surfaces in any colour really stand out and make a key feature of your walls, and within the basic rectangular shape there are hundreds of designs to choose from. Go for our shorter Michelino white Metro tiles, for example, or our longer, slimmer Marylebone white. Or go for our Brick white for a slightly more rustic feel due to its gently undulating surface.

White Metro tiles go especially well with dark coloured walls such as blue or grey, creating a moody and atmospheric but modern scheme, and making the tiles really stand out. Use complimenting dark grout with the Metro tiles for a cohesive look. Vice versa, use our coloured metro tiles such as our Edge Salvia (my personal favourite) Milano Blue, or Brick Olive with white walls for a crisp modern room.

 merto tiles brick tiles

Metro tiles work incredibly well with wood furniture and accessories. This partnership really lifts a room with the warm tones of light wood like pine and beech or darker oaks, giving the tiles a more homely feel but still retaining that stylishness that only metro tiles can offer. Personally I’m not a big fan of shiny things in my home but with metro tiles it’s a different story. Use these lovely little shiny rectangles to liven up your bathroom or kitchen.

You don’t need to stick to brick formation with metro tiles. You can place them horizontally or vertically, or if you’re feeling a little more adventurous then consider Subway or Stack bond, Running Board, Basket Weave or Herringbone formations. Look at our website for details. There really is no limit to the versatility of these gorgeous wall tiles.

reverse in metro new range coming soon

Miravet metro tiles Brick metro tiles

The TIleflair Helpdesk would LOVE to recommend metro tiles or answer any tile related questions, helping you achieve the best possible look for your home. Contact the friendly Helpdesk today 01179598888