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How to use tiles in the living room

Increasingly in home magazines, we are seeing more use of tiles in areas other than the traditional kitchen and bathroom. Increasingly, designers and homeowners are taking advantage of the practicality of tiles, in various materials from ceramic and cement to porcelain and glass, to create modern and spacious living rooms.

The humble tile is a versatile creature. Giving simplicity and practicality in each room.

It can create a cool, contemporary look and add to the texture that is so important to today’s style of décor or it can contribute to a cosy but spacious room where relaxing is the order of the day.

Wall tiles can make a feature
You don’t need a traditional Victorian cast-iron fireplace to create a feature from tiles in your living room. A prominent wall is all that is needed to show off your beautiful tiles to full effect. Take our Beret Strips range – an interesting textured tile in black or grey that makes for an interesting feature wall.

Lay a faux-wood floor
Love the warming look of a wood floor but worried about the work required to keep it looking lovely? Then our wood-effect floor tiles are the answer to your prayers. You can choose from a range of colours, sizes and styles, from long planks to short strips. Our new Woodland range is just stunning, and a relatively inexpensive alternative to real parquet flooring. All our wood-effect tiles provide a hard-wearing and practical floor that brings all the warmth and character of wood boards to your living space.


Make it modern but cosy
Yes, even though they are made from a hard, unyielding and cool material, tiles can still help to create a comfy and cosy living room, that is also stylish, sleek and practical. To create the modern rustic style, tiles on the walls and floor, such as the tiles in our Venetian range, especially the Relief tiles, create a look that is modern but can easily be softened with loads of texture and contrasting elements such as a velvet sofa, a log burner and animal hides.

Make it modern and sleek
You may not want the cosy look at all. You may be in for the contemporary minimalist look. In which case, you’ll be wanting to take home our Puglia Black Tile. A thoroughly modern textured porcelain tile, which, when placed on the walls and floors of a living room and paired up with chrome, leather and other stylish modern materials, create a room that could feature in the next Hottest Homes magazine.  

How will you use tiles in your living room to create something beautiful?