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large format vs mosaic tiles

large format vs mosaic tiles

Preferences for wall tile sizes are becoming more divided. Large format tile or small mosaic gems are replacing regular four and half inch square tiles. So which do you go for? Well, generally it depends on the size of room and the look you’re trying to achieve but consider these pros and cons of each and you’ll make a more informed decision.

A tile or stone larger than 16” x 16” is generally described as ‘large format’. Large format tiles expand the space so are good for smaller rooms, although in really small rooms they can look a bit overpowering. They are easy to maintain; there is less grout due to fewer joins and narrow grout joint widths and more tile surface so cleaning them is easier than regular tiles (it is easier to clean a tiles’ surface than to clean grout). The large surface area makes the space look cleaner, and avoids the checkerboard look of regular sized tiles.

Large format tiles can be used both for traditional style bathrooms and kitchens and more modern sleek styles too. They are good for a minimalist streamlined look, and add a timeless accent to your room.

The large format tile is not without its negative points. The larger the tile the more likely there’ll be problems with lippage, where one edge of a tile is higher than an adjacent tile, giving the finished surface an uneven appearance, but a good tile fitter will not have a problem with this.

At the other end of the scale mosaic tiles can be used for a multitude of surfaces besides bathroom walls or kitchen backsplashes. They can be used around washbasins, as an accent strip or mural in a shower area as well as on horizontal surfaces. Mosaic floor tiles look especially stunning on a small floor areas such as a fireplace hearth. They come in a multitude of styles, colours and materials and add instant depth and interest to any part of the room.

Laying mosaic tiles is also relatively simple; they are easy to shape and cut around any piece of wall or surface. They are easy to remove and replace if damaged and, being small there won’t be a problem with lippage.