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Let Nature be your Inspiration

Summer is just around the corner, so you’ll want to throw open the doors and welcome it into our homes. And now that the weather is warming up what better way to re-connect with nature andcomplement its vibrancy than to use green tones in your home.


Where can I use green in my home?

Is it any surprise that designers predicted that one of the prominent colour trends for 2017 was green? This glorious colour, a favourite of Mother Nature, can work with any style of décor, from mid-century modern to a traditional or contemporary style. It can be a very calming and relaxing colour that will do justice to just about any room you care to use it –

Bright and beautiful in the bathroom, it creates a fresh and clean feel in the kitchen, it is warm and welcoming in the hallway and is calming when usedin the living room.  


What works with green?

Make it pretty with pattern. Green is the perfect partner for pattern, particularly in the bathroom. Shake up simple, pale green walls with a panel of patterned tiles such as our Artisan Beige décor tiles. Keep accessories plain and simple to allow the pattern and colour to stand out.

artisan vancouver

Green with wood-effect floor works wonders. They are the perfect natural combination. A room with walls of green, together with a wood-effect floor tile such as our Vancouver Country mimics the natural feel of a forest floor.

A carpet of green? Not an actual carpet but if you want to feel closer to nature, then our Timber Green matt floor tiles might be the choice for you. These tiles retain the beauty and practicality of wood-effect but with the added natural element of being a subtle dark green colour.

Keep the kitchen contemporary - For something a little moodier, the Hartingdon range, a beautiful, darker shade of olive green/grey tile gives a sophisticated edge to your kitchen and bathroom. Brick Olive is another obvious choice. Team it with whites for a brighter feel or pale greys for a little drama.

 shimmer brick

For added fun in your bathroom, look at the Shimmer Green wall tile. A glossy, very pale green with a subtle shimmer that, when teamed with white sanitary wear, will be sure to brighten up your mornings.

Not only for the country home, but for every home and every room, green and all its glorious shades and tones, is an enduring colour that is seeing a popularity resurgence this year, but is not likely to ever go out of style.

So, how will you use Mother Nature’s own palette in your home? Check out our full range for inspiration.

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