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Make a design statement with bright, colourful wall tiles

Eye-catching and audacious – super bright shades pep up your interior and lift your mood, and can make a real design statement in your home.

If you’re looking for inspiration for how to use bold, eye-popping colour as a design statement in your décor, then you could look to the celebrities. Tommy Hilfiger, for example, is a big fan. He expresses his love of bold, bright colours in the form of pop art and statement pieces in his mansion in Florida.

Use coloured tiles to make a statement
If you start with a soothing and serene white scheme then you have the perfect canvas for almost any shade imaginable as a white scheme will help a bright colour stand out and will create a confident, modern feel. If you’re not a fan of a white canvas, then grey will anchor these brights without dimming the life out of them.

Whether it’s the addition of some bold, bright Aqua blue, a lovely tangy lime or an eye-popping sunshine yellow or an intense orange, bright shades will boost the design impact of your interior. And brightly-coloured wall tiles can act as focal points. But, limit the colour to a small area of the room to avoid the risk of overpowering with colour and ruining the effect.


Lovely Lime
This beautiful bold Lime Decko Mambo (Lime) Geo Scored tile looks stunning as a feature in this bathroom. It adds a bold statement to an otherwise neutral room and shows some serious design intent while keeping the vibrant colour on a leash and not letting it take over the room.

Beautiful Blue
The beautiful blues are very in vogue at the moment. This colour in any shade is cool and refreshing, yet calming and classy. The stunning Miravet Blue Steel Wall Tile, a blue glossy ceramic wall tile is subtle yet colourful and bright. Its gently rippled surface bounces the light around. It just looks fresh and clean and will certainly brighten up even the blandest of bathrooms.

Amazing Orange
Colourful, glossy and fun. Just imagine a feature wall of the Milano Orange Embossed Decor tiles in your bathroom. It will certainly put the pizazz into your mornings. Or use it on a kitchen splashback or feature wall to bring it to life.

It’s amazing the impact that colour can have in a space. A red picture in a white kitchen or an orange sofa in a grey living room will immediately energise the space. Take some inspiration from Mr Hilfiger to create a design statement and simply install a small area of zingy tiles in a fresh white room to turn your space from bland to blissful.