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Many shades of grey wall and floor tiles

There really is a world of choice when it comes to using versatile grey tiles in your scheme. They are available in a variety of shades, textures and finishes, from gentle beige-grey to stormier, darker tones. So get creative with shades of grey wall tiles and floor tiles, and embellish with furnishings of colour, texture and finishes for a home that is abundant in personality and sophistication.

Rather than stick to one shade of grey all over, which has a tendency to look a little flat, the trend now is to combine a variety of shades for a sophisticated look. And this is no less the case with wall tiles and floor tiles. So layer your tones of grey tiles by having one or two shades on the walls, and another on the floor.

In the bathroom

In the bathroom, create a haven of texture with a combination of our grey Artemis Grigio combined with the Artemis Grigio mosaic tile. Or, on the walls you could contrast a very pale tile on the majority of the wall with a very dark tile in an area you wish to accentuate, such as the bath or the shower area. This works particularly well with our Efeso Grigio tile range.

In the living area

For a calm yet coordinated feel, but with plenty of texture and warmth, choose a strong dark wall tile for a feature wall. Mont Blanc Multi with its strong shades of grey and brown will bring plenty of drama to your living room, especially if combined with dark furnishings. 

If you’re not into the darker, more dramatic shades of the palette then cooler, paler grey tiles might be more your thing. Our West End in grey is light in colour but heavy on the character. Combine either of these tiles with the character-heavy Downtown in dark grey.

In the kitchen

Give your kitchen plenty of energy by mixing glossy wall tiles such as our Brick Gris Oscuro vintage metro tiles, which bounce light around the room, with a paler grey floor tile like Origin Perla, or even a vibrant-coloured or patterned floor tile.

Grey wall tiles like our Monaco Light Grey will compliment beautifully patterned tiles such as our Artisan Carbone Grey Décor, bringing out the striking grey lines and creating a look that is an exciting blend of pattern and texture.

A large space will look stunning when treated with our Eternal Grey Stone Effect modular floor tiles. These gorgeous tiles have a look much like concrete, which will optimise the sense of space but will retain the cocoon effect that makes grey such a popular and enduring colour.