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Marvelous Mosaics

We all know that for thousands of years the Greeks and Romans used mosaic to decorate the floors of their homes. So take a leaf out of their book and add a classic style to your bathroom with a magnificent mosaic.

Add some dazzle to your home with metallic mosaic tiles such as our Antique Pearl Aqua mosaic tile; its rippling texture creates a Mediterranean Sea appearance, giving a clean and fresh feel to your bathroom, whereas our rich and shimmering Copper Foil Metal Mosaic tile adds warmth to a cool space, creating an air of decadence. These are just two of the many beautiful mosaic styles we have in store. Be sure to fit our beautifully designed mosaics in an otherwise neutral space to give them the attention they deserve. 


Images above: Antique Pearl Aqua mosaic and Copper Foil Metal Mosaic

Tiling an entire wall or floor in mosaics can look amazing, and you can get really creative here. You could try creating a random pattern in different colours, create a pixelated image or stick to shade variations of your one favourite colour. Even just a small area of mosaics will really energise a neutral space whether it’s a panel on the floor, on a wall, or using it to show distinct basin and shower area, for instance.

In an all-white bathroom, a mosaic floor will look stunning especially if you go for a warmer colour such as Antique Pearl Bali, or pack a little more style punch with a bold colour such as our pretty pink Highlights Tropical.

Try giving an all-white scheme a little depth and texture by combining large plain white tiles with smaller shimmering mosaics or add some variety into the mix with our Cosmic Lucca White/Turquoise range.

A mosaic pattern will complement any feature you happen to want to showcase. These little jewels have this wonderful ability to highlight a beautiful bath or a stunning mirror. They are so clever they can even work around soft corners or in unusual spaces, and we have the style and colour of any type you happen to imagine.

Do as the Romans do – create something beautiful with mosaics.

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