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Metro Kitchen Wall Tiles

brick kitchen wall tiles tinte matt kitchen wall tiles

Metro tiles have grown from strength to strength, increasing the tile design and style options we have when fixing these quirky little tiles. With this added number of choices, I thought that I’d run through some staff favourites to help narrow down your choice when searching for ultimate kitchen wall tiles.


Rich – Brick Kitchen Wall Tiles The vintage style Brick range is beautiful. It boasts 10 different colours including olive, jade, a muted blue, a strong red, light and dark grey. It is easy to see why the Brick metro tile range is a popular kitchen wall tile because it oozes personality, individuality and style. Each and every tile is crafted differently with a slight uneven surface. A gorgeous kitchen wall tile.


Jayne – Tinte Matt Wall Tiles Tinte Matt is a metro kitchen wall tile with a difference, offering a more contemporary design and tile size (200 x 65mm) than the traditional glossy metro tiles available. The matt finish softens the light, absorbing it rather than reflecting giving a truly unique look. The textured finishes also allow to you be as creative in design as you see fit, either limiting the tactile finish to stand alone tiles or to dominate your wall space.


Lee – Edge Tile Series The beautiful bevelled edge on each tile in this range steers more towards retro metro tiles. The twist in the design of these tiles however lies in the colour choices on offer. Choose from sage green, ice blue, bianco, sabbia beige and piombo charcoal or go crazy and mix and match the colours. You could even throw in a border to make your kitchen wall or bathroom stand out.

 marylebone kitchen wall tile valentino kitchen wall tile

Sophie – Valentino Wall Tiles Mix and match the various geometric patterns as you see fit! Personally I prefer an eclectic mix of random designs, but if you prefer a more regimented or structured design you could choose your favourite of the eight designs available and either repeat this tile or spread out with the almond base tile. A definite wow factor is guaranteed whichever design you opt for, especially when you see close up how intricate and delicate the designs on each tie is.


Olga – Marylebone Tile Series The sleek and sophisticated Marylebone tile series is a glossy and bold tile will update your kitchen wall tiles into a modern and fashionable looking space. This style with the glossy bevelled edged tiles has actually been around for many years, but this tile series has introduced a contemporary size of 300 x 75mm which is much longer than the norm. This different size opens up more unique design choices paving the way for creative and individual kitchen wall tiles.


metro kitchen wall tiles