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Metro Tile Design Ideas

Metro Tiles are a current trend and have been a popular option for quite a while. Metro tiles have dominated the tile market, taking kitchen and bathroom walls by storm! With this influx in tiles, has come a variety of tile design options. This blog and video talks about some interesting design options, so that you know what's possible and will hopefully get you thinking about which tile designs would look good in your home.

Watch Lloyd, Tileflair Store Manager (Cribbs Causeway, Bristol) explain some metro tile design ideas. Metro tiles have a lot of design possibilities, experiment with layout and grout colour.


Tile Layout

Something different from the famous brick-bond layout is the herringbone layout. This tile design has been around for years and looks effective on the floor and wall. This tile layout will change the look of the wall and add some personality and individuality to the room.

Traditional Kitchen by Washington Design-Build Firms Four Brothers LLC

Using Contrasting Grout Colours

Another effective way to influence your metro tile design, is to consider the grout colour. When you think about it, the grout is part of the design and can highlight or hide the individual tile layout. It depends if you wish to place emphasis on the tile design or not.
For example, see below for the same Bevelled red tile with a black grout and also a white grout. Black and red contrast with the vibrant red and give a different effect to the tile design. The black grout darkens down the design, making it stronger and more vibrant.
Bevelled Red Herringbone  Bevelled Red
One of the joys of choosing metro tiles is the choice you have in regards to tile design. Even if you don't opt for a contrasting grout colour to highlight the pattern, the tiles will still highlight the design through light and texture. A glossy bevelled edge will capture and reflect the light in room. The Bevelled Tile Series is a good option. 

Tileflair are here to help

See our metro tiles page and metro gallery for more images and settings with different tile designs and patterns.
For free consultation and advice about your tile design, contact the helpdesk or call into your local store. Tileflair are always happy to help.