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Metro Tiles - The Perfect Choice

It’s timeless and adaptable, charming and stylish – the humble metro tile is the perfect tile choice for any style bathroom and kitchen.

The flexibility of the metro tile is such that it can soften a contemporary look, or add an interesting modern feature to a traditional bathroom. The metro tile calms a busy room that is rich in architectural or design features and pairs beautifully with a patterned floor. It’s no surprise then that the metro tile is still one of the nation’s favourite style of wall tile. 

Classic metro

A splashback of glossy white tiles such as our Michelino White or our Marylebone White looks very much at home in any kitchen. This (Instagram - renovating-rosemont) homeowner used the cream Marylebone to beautiful effect in her shaker style kitchen. And then, just look at the glossy finish on these Tofino tiles.

metro tiles metro tiles

The simplicity and clean lines of white metro tiles enable them to gently bounce the daylight around the room and contribute to a light, open feel kitchen. Our Brick White metro tiles are a little more rustic with their uneven surface, ensuring that the room doesn’t look too sterile. This homeowner uses the Brick in light grey to give a soft backsplash in her shaker kitchen. (My railway cottage) 

Different metro

Although there is plenty of character in the classic white Metro tile, if you want to bring out your creative side then think about some alternative options. For an easy-going feel to your bathroom or kitchen, add some shimmering tiles that add a soft but stylish feel. Our Shimmer range, which includes soft shades of blue, green, grey, cream and white will certainly add some elegance. They have a glazed, uneven surface that looks hand-made and which gently reflects a soft, shimmery feel. 

metro tiles metro tiles

Flexible metro

Tiles don’t have to be laid in the standard brick configuration. In fact, they look so much more interesting if you lay them in one of a multitude of other formations. Position them in a chevron pattern to give a modern edge that is visually rich, but not enough to overwhelm the space. Or consider Subway or Stack bond, Running Board, Basket Weave or Herringbone formations. Look at our website for details. There really is no limit to the versatility of these gorgeous wall tiles. Whichever way you lay them, they will still preserve their understated but stylish appearance. 

Bold metro

Go for rich and bold colours like the Bevelled Brick Red or the Milano Orange embossed decor – both of which make a statement. Just look at the impact the Brick Red tiles make in this bathroom (ChickyPigCottage). 

If you’re looking for a truly customised look, without the accompanying price tag, then be a bit creative by choosing two different colours of the same tiles and alternate them. For a colour bonanza choose two from the many different shades of our Brick range, or if you’re feeling really creative, then choose three or four and place them randomly in the space.

Interesting metro

For a refreshing, contemporary take on the simple metro tile consider the Reverse Metro wall tile. A modern update to the ultimate bathroom staple, this clever design combines the good looks of the standard metro tile with an inverted, bevelled edge. These attention-grabbing Metro tiles can be used to add an element of interest to a wall, make a statement of a particular feature or bring appeal to a simple kitchen splash back. Thus, giving your wall masses more interest and depth.

The metro tile gets its name from the ceramic tiles used in London and New York City subway stations of the early twentieth century. But despite its historic origins, the metro tile is anything but dated. 

The neatness and uniformity of these tiles means that you can never overdo it; you can use them on the whole bathroom without them looking too overbearing, or as a stylish but simple backsplash in the kitchen. They create a homely feel, while maintaining that style that only metro tiles can offer.