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Mighty white tiles

With all the trends in colour, design and texture available to us, why do so many still opt for white kitchens? Simply because white says clean, fresh and new. But one of the best things about the colour white is its versatility, especially with wall tiles.  White wall tiles will suit almost every taste – whether traditional, modern or industrial. They are the perfect blank canvas for more dramatic colours elsewhere in the room or they can be the main star of the show.

White doesn’t have to be boring. It can still wow just as much as any other colour but the main benefit of white is that it is perfect for making a small space feel more spacious and airy, and using white on all the surfaces in a small room will keep the room looking fresh and simple. A contemporary white kitchen with white wall tiles such as our Mantra collection of sleek and elegant metro tiles, perhaps paired with our satin-finished Ullswater Blanco Semi Polished wall and floor tile – is a failsafe way to bring sleek style into any home. You can add personality with a bold zing of colour for accessories, a shelf of colourful cookery books or by just adding greenery.

Mantra Blanco Metro Tile Ullswater Blanco Semi Polished Wall and Floor Tile

Above images: Mantra Blanco Metro Tile and Ullswater Blanco Semi Polished Wall and Floor Tile

For a modern twist on the total-white look, rather than the obvious white goods with your white kitchen, compliment it instead with a chrome fridge, cooker and toaster. Add some chic styling with marble stone effect floor tiles such as our Marbles Estatuario Neo to bring the whole thing together beautifully. 

Marbles Estatuario Neo Obsession Blanco Carrara Marble Effect Tile

Above images: Marbles Estatuario Neo and Obsession Blanco Carrara Marble Effect Tile

So, what if the total white look is a little too stark for your taste? How do you make a white kitchen feel cosy and warm? Adding tones of wood is perfect for warming up a white kitchen. Introduce wood elements such as a worktop, bar stools or a reclaimed oak table to keep the white from looking too frosty. Or you could even choose some of our beautiful real wood effect floor tiles such as our Vancouver Country Dark wood effect porcelain tile.

Vancouver Country Dark Wood Effect Porcelain Tile French Parquet Wood Effect Tile Brown

Above images: Vancouver Country Dark wood effect porcelain tile and French Parquet Wood Effect Tile Brown

 There really is no limit to what you can do with white in your kitchen, so take a look at our extensive range of white wall and floor tiles, and be inspired.